I am a very proud Canadian.  I was born and raised here.  My family (parents) are french Canadian from different parts of New Brunswick.
The Best link to find out all about New Brunswick would be New Brunswick tourism page :)  Here is a link

We don't live in Igloos and we don't always fish for our food, we have electricity and of course you must know internet since I am blogging this lol

We also have some wonderful food :D
The Poutine! mmmmm  Fries covered in cheese and gravy. YUMMY!

Garlic Finger with Donair Sauce!  YUMMY!
Mapple Syrup!

These are just a few things, that are very Canadian and very delicious.  Now how about a little look at some beautiful pictures of my own Province of New Brunswick :D

I'm sure from these pictures you can see why I love living her, it is so beautiful.  But, it's not just that!  We also have The Canadian Armed Forces; who are amazing!  Thank you to them for all they do.

Also, we must be very thankful for our free medical services.

Overall I couldn't be more proud to be Canadian and I wish everyone could see our beautiful country and how much it has to offer!


Mama Spaghetti said…
Oh my goodness: The Poutine!! I went to school in upstate NY and they served this in the cafeteria. I think I ate it every day. I miss that dish SO much!

I just wanted to say thank you for stopping by my blog and entering my giveaway. I was serious when I said I was looking to make friends, and...well...here I am! I hope to see you around again soon!
mmbourassa said…
Yay Canada! Without a doubt the most beautiful country, no matter which province. And while the health care isn't exactly free, since it's paid from our taxes, I'm happy to pay a little extra in taxes for it. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm poutine, nothing else to say than it's total goodness.
Anyone coming out west can check us out too http://www.sasktourism.com/ There is more here than just fields of wheat. ;)
susan said…
Thanks for sharing your country. You have the right to be proud. I am proud of my country too and pleased we can share friendship across the way. Freedom means so much and many take it for granted. Your pictures were beautiful and do keep sharing with us. I love the maple syrup bottle..I love add bottles and this one sure is neat. The maple leaf has always been a favorite leaf to me..love how it is shaped. Take care. susan L
Lori said…
Hello fellow NB girl ~ so glad you found me and now I found you too!! Great post ~ love that poutine ~ crinkle cup fries are my fav ~ next to McD's of course!
Anonymous said…
never had poutine ...must come to visit, looks soo pretty there !!:)

thanks for sharing your country i love the photo of the steps and creek, or brooke :)

Beautiful! We are very blessed to live in Canada! Thanks so much for joining TGCBB! Have a great time hopping!
oh my gosh, soooo craving the poutine right now!!! I love NB, we had a great visit there! Camped in the national park and did some kayaking at hopewell rocks. it was amazing! Thanks for joining in the bash!
That poutine does look good! Thanks for linking up m'dere!

Happy Hopping!

Pampered Patty said…
Hey there!!

Loved your post and your pics! I am a new follower and so happy you decided to join us at #TGCBB!!
Shanon Grey said…
It sure is pretty. I've never had the pleasure. Maybe someday--now that I have "friends" there. yay. Thanks for sharing.

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