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June 26, 2011

This week has been a great one for the blog!  W e had Minnette Meador over for a visit and many people came to ask questions and leave comments.  I adore all the great Feedback I recieved on the blog.  Makes me feel like I'm doing something right lol.  Thank you so much Minnette for being a guest.

In my own personal business, I finshed writing my first ever novella :D  I cannot wait to share it with the world!  It's a Erotic Paranormal Romance.  It stars a Big beautiful woman and to very unlikely Leprechauns lol  Bet you didn't see that coming.
Edits on the story are being done now by a wonderful friend of mine called Amanda and I know she is going to do an awesome job :D
Besides that I have been applying everywhere I can to do product reviews, which I would post here and on FB for all my followers and then I could start having more giveaways for you all.
I have also just finished repainting my son's bedroom.  WOW  what a job but I think it turned out quite well.

Besides all that fun stuff I've been spending time with hubby and the kids at the waterpark or the park and enjoying the beautiful weather.  I sit and watch the kids play while reading books on my Kindle lol
Here's a few pics :)

And last but not least I decided to join a weight loss contest!!!  Oh my!  This is going to be extremely tough for me.  I have a terrible time losing weight due to medical problems but I've set my mind to it and I'm going to do it.  The contest is called "Romance Biggest Winner"  It starts July 1st and lasts for 6 months.  I could stand to lose 150lbs.  But I am aiming for a 50lbs. loss.  I keep everyone updated on my progress in the months to come but I won't clog up the blog with it.  I'm even going to do before and after pics lol 
So, wish me luck!!!
Hope you all have a great week and wonderful weather!  HUGS TO ALL!


Talina Perkins said…
HI Leanne! I am so excited and happy for you! Your first novella! How cool is that! Do you have a title yet? How did you come up with Leprechauns?

The park looks so fun! Your pictures are really good and your skin looks kissed by the sun with a rosy tint that makes you look so pretty. Love it! I just turn red. Not so pretty! In a few more months the DH and I are packing up the kiddos (finally) and heading to Vancouver. We are thinking of moving there and leaving the TOO HOT Vallarta for people that really want the beach scene. This pale Irish chick can't handle it or the heat!

I am cheering for you to reach your goal in the "Romance Biggest Winner". I look forward to reading about your progress! I was reading about RBW I think a week or so ago and thought of joining for motivation to get back in shape, but I lost the link. Do you have it?

What color did you choose for your little man's room. It looks very calming to the eye. Is it a light mint green?

*hugs to you*
Talina Perkins said…
OOh! Thank you for putting my badge on your side bar! That is so sweet! Do you have a badge I can grab?

Marjie Pride said…
Good luck with the weight-loss plan I would love some more info on it if its open to others you can email me
Thanks~ Marjie
Leanne109 said…
I'm sorry to say the sign up for the weightloss contest is closed, they filled up extremely quick. Thanks so much for the support, I really appreciate it!

Talina the color in Cedric's room is called SIlver lol It's a Grey color with a hint of blue to it, I just love it and yes it's very calming. How exciting it is to hear you might become a Canadian, that would be so cool :)As for the Tan lmao it was actually a really bad burn, I guess the colors on my camera r not so good lol because I was burnt.. It hurt for like a week straight lol
Your very welcome about your button :D I was happy to do it. I don't have a button but u can pick up my widget, it's just above the

SwagBucks, click widget and then Blogger or Wordpress, which ever u use and it will give you a HTML code :D

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