Monday, June 6, 2011


First I want to thank everyone who is following my blog, I really appreciate your support.
I'd also like to thank my guests Author Denna Remiel and Author Anita Clenney!  You are both awesome!

Now the WINNERS are:

Deena Remiel's Trinity- Crystal
Comment 31

Anita Clenney's Highland Warrior- Heykiddego
Comment 42

Both have been notified via email!

Thank you all again!!!


heykiddego said...

I haven't received my email. Could you perhaps resend it?



Devon said...

Grats on the win :D

Chelsea Rafferty said...

Congrats to you two on teh wins :) be sure to let us know how much you loved the books :D I've been wanting to try Deena's book for awhile XD Now that I'm working in a book store I'll have to pick it up XD I'm going to need a new room for books :D

Leanne109 said...

Heykiddego I replied to the one you ent me. Hope you received it!