Bathroom Remodeling For Dummies

It's been a busy week, our bathroom is being renovated and it's a huge mess.  The plumber has changed the flooring and installed a new toilette.  Guess what!  After he left last night we noticed the toilette is leaking.  So, guess he'll be  working on that longer, then he still  has a new sink and vanity to install.  Then I have the pleasure of cleaning the entire room and everything else in there that I can get my hands on.  

We weren't able to stay in our apartment for a night and that made it hard to get my reading done and now I'm behind on my reviews but I should be posting something soon.  Besides all that I've also been working on some makeup.  I'm basing makeup looks on book covers. I did one here it is and the book cover.

I'm not sure what the next look will be but I'll be sure to post it here so everyone can see it.
Right now I'm reading Haunted 
 SoloPlay: Come Again, Book 2

I'll be sure to post reviews soon!  
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!!



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