It’s been twenty years since security specialist Charley Roper and country star Dallas Creed had their bitter parting. Now a killer has brought them together again, but neither is ready for a reunion—despite signs that their explosive chemistry hasn’t waned with time. She can’t forget the feel of his hands on her body. He can’t forget the hot touch of her mouth. When they finally tumble into bed, the sex is just as good as they remember, hot enough to singe the sheets. But is it enough?Thrown together during an exhausting, frenzied concert tour, with a killer nipping at their heels, Dallas and Charley find themselves on a hot, suspenseful, erotic roller coaster ride. Can he convince her to trust her heart to him one more time, to reach out for a richer, deeper, more mature love?More importantly—can Charley keep Dallas alive long enough for either of them to enjoy a second chance?


A really cool aspect of this book is that it starts from the killer's point of view. He's after a famous musician called Dallas Creed.  The killer misses his target and has no choice but to try again.  Dallas's brother Morgan hires "Roper Protective Agency" which is run by Dallas's former lover Charlie.
Charlie and Dallas have a history that goes back 20 years, when they broke up it was not pretty.  Now years later Charlie fights her instincts to run the other way as fast as she can, but she feels she can do no other then guard Dallas from a real and dangerous threat.
Dallas feels this may be his second chance to have Charlie back in his life, so he uses their time together to try and win her back.  
This Book is extremely packed with goodies.  There's intrigue, mystery, action and hot sex! No one could resist such a buffet to read!

Long lost love and second chances is only part of what this book has to offer.  I'd like to share with you one of my favorite paragraphs from "Downstroke."
"We'll take it slow, okay? I'll give you as much time as you need.  Just as long as you don't try to hide from me." She pressed a soft kiss on his lips, more affection than passion but his cock still responded.
This is also a true love story.  There is nothing that makes a relationship stronger then compromise and Desiree Holt demonstrates it time and time again in her books.  Her understanding of relationships and the vast emotions that comes with them makes her books some of the best I have ever read. 
This Book kept me up very late because I just could not put it down.  I had to know what would happen next and how it all tied up together in the end.  Not only was the end perfect for this book but the book as a whole kept me guessing.  It made a nice change not being able to guess who the killer was from the beginning. LOL  So what do I rate this book?  I give it 5 STARS!!!  I loved it and I recommend it to anyone looking for an awesome read that will keep you guessing long into the night!



Desiree Holt said…
Leanne, If you were here I'd hug and kiss you. Thank you for such an awesome review of this book of my heart.
Allie Standifer said…
The book is amazing as is the author. Congrats on a fab review!!
Toni said…
I love her stuff!! My list to purchase is huge, but this is very high on it. Thanks for the review. Just bumped it up even higher.

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