Toni's Review of Feel the Heat Anthology - O'Clare, Mellor & Parks ***3.5 Stars***

Brave, brawny, and ready for action, these firefighters know how to set their women ablaze. . .

"Fight Fire with Fire" by Lorie O'Clare

Mary Hamilton has had a crush on Nate Armstrong since they were kids. But she's told herself to get over it—as a firefighter Nate is in mortal danger every day. But when their friend and Nate's fellow firefighter dies young in a suspicious house fire, Mary decides life is too short to let cold fear beat out hot desire.

"Heat Wave" by P.J. Mellor

Summer Wadsworth is dangerously close to overheating. Her house has burned down, and Thorne Paxton, the firefighter who rescues her from the flames, is blazing hot. She's ready to call him in for a little off-duty fun. But "duty" has a nasty way of following him home. And with a man like Thorne, the pleasure can't hide how easy it is to get burned. . .

"Smoldering Lust" by Lydia Parks

Local girl Hannah Hayward has made a name for herself in the mayor's office. But when her town's new fire chief turns out to be bad boy Lee Evans, back after fourteen years and looking even sexier than she remembers, she's got more to worry about than his budget requests. He's too good to believe. . . and too hot to deny.


Three very different stories with one thing in common FIREMEN!! What’s not to love about that? Every story was unique. Nice quick reads. Like most anthologies, you are left wanting more. While the stories won’t make you spontaneously combust, keep a cool drink handy to help with the heat.

Fight Fire with Fire – Jorie O’Clare – 4 Stars

Mary Hamilton as always loved Nate Armstrong. Growing up together and living on the same street, wasn’t enough for a happily ever after though. One tragedy later, things have changed. Years apart has not cooled the want for Mary. She still loves Nate and is determined not to let things just pass her by anymore.

Nate’s world has been crushed. Nothing will ever be the same. From this heartbreak there is a new light and it is Mary. The pesky neighbor girl is all grown up and a breath of fresh air.

This is a nice story of two people that have always been meant for each other. The nemesis in the story seems like an afterthought, but since his part is so tiny in the story, it can be forgiven. Great little story with a happy ending.

Heat Wave – P.J. Mellor – 3 Stars

While a fun story to read, this story had something missing for me.

Summer Wadsworth is a divorcee moving on with her life. Times are hard for her and after a house fire; times are going to be a bit rougher and hotter. Thorne Paxton is new in town and just met the most ridiculous woman. Could she be the one for him?

The humor of their circumstances was refreshing. Nothing seems to go right for these two. I also enjoyed the supporting cast. It made me want to have neighbors as great as those lovely ladies. The story seemed forced and ended abruptly. It was a sweet read but had very little depth to it.

Smoldering Lust – Lydia Parks – 4.5 Stars

Saving the best for last.

Hannah Hayward has been attracted to Lee Evans since her junior year in high school. One smoldering kiss her senior year and 14 years later Lee is back in town and sexier than ever. Lee has always had Hannah up upon a pedestal. The prize he never could claim. He came back home to have closure. Seeing Hannah has renewed his old feelings for her and they are sexier than ever.

This is an easy going story of two people who know what they want and are about to get it. The only disappointment I have with this story is that it ended. I wanted more of them.

Thanks for reading! - Toni


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