I decided to continue on with a Canada theme and show you all my hometown.  Our drive starts downtown at the Doctor's office lol Here a picture of my son. 

As we leave the Dr.'s office the 1st building you see id Jean Coutu which is a Canadian pharmacy.
 We come to an intersection next and to the left is the grocery store Price Choppers.  We often buy our meat there because the prices are a little better then the other groceries in town.  We have 3 big grocery stores and 1 small mom and pop 1.  The 3 big ones are Atlantic Superstore, Sobeys and Price Choppers and the small one is called Theriault's grocery.
 Next through our little city is the New Brunswick liquor store and my favorite coffee franchise Tim Horton's. The building next to that is The Canadian Legion and war museum.  The museum is truly worth seeing. On the opposite side is a the major hangout place LOL McDonalds lol
 Now we've reached the bridge that goes across the Basin which is beautiful year round.  Once across the bridge, right downtown Main street is a little Village for tourism, it includes a restaurant, boutiques, ice cream parlor and a Huge gazebo in the middle.  The city often has bands or some other entertainment there all summer long.
 This is another picture of downtown, just off Main Street.  It's quite quaint.  Next is a picture of our City Hall which also houses Our city police.

 This is the High School I graduated from in 1997.  It was an OK school but I'd never wish to go back and do it again lol
 This is the bridge we cross on our way home.  As you can see the scenery is gorgeous but at the end on one side it's not so pretty.  Our Wood mill was closed down and sold, now everything has been knocked down and is being recycled.  It looks more like a dump then anything.  I look forward to the eye-sore being gone.  
After getting off the bridge we stopped at my favorite place lol
TIM HORTONS drive thru lol
I even took a picture of the Menu to share with you all lol

This is when my camera batteries died lol
We were less then 5 minutes from home so I guess it's ok.  I hope you enjoyed your journey through my city.  I love my Hometown.  Here are a few Facts about my little city.

I look forward to all the comments and I hope you'll leave one for me :D


Nice tour Leanne! Congrats on your site :) Your town is beautiful.. loved the bridge pics and they are really nice considering your in a moving vehicle LOL! Btw a few posts down.. besides the fab Maple syrup out there you forgot to mention coffee crisps.. LIKE OMG.. I'm seriously in love with the chocolate up there :D online its sooo expensive so I always wait till I go out there and then I stock up on the caramel ones :D YUM! ;)
Leanne109 said…
LMAO Chelsea I never even thought of that. If you ever want to send an envelope with postage for it to go back I'd buy u a few and send them back lol just be sure to have enough stamps on the sucker lol
Leanne really? :D I might take you up on that :D I'd probably just send a box with a prepaid box back or the money rofl :D How much do the packaged ones cost? I could have sworn I'd seen them in packs of 6-8 before? :o
Leanne109 said…
I yes I could get u boxes full they are anywhere between $10 to $15 a box lol
Leanne109 said…
Or I can get them at .69 each or sometimes 2/$1
holy crap really? D: how many are in a box? 24 or? I was at some canadian website for chocolate and I saw 24 per box and 48 per box :D and I cannot FIND the one coffee crisp I REALLY like :K have you seen the caramel ones hon? I found some at a gas station once in winnipeg but I don't see them online and I adore them :D but yeah when its a bit cooler I'm totally taking you up on that because I adore them :D I can do the same for you if there's anything you like out here that you can't get :D
Toni said…
Great tour Leanne!! Love the old town look of it. Well it probably is old. Enjoyed the menu. So odd not seeing it in English.
Redd said…
Looks like a fun place to tour through on a road trip! Your son's a cutie patootie. :)

I love how wide open everything is..reminds me of Tulsa..

*grins* I could live there. :)

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