5 Stars for Grace Burrow's "Virtuoso"!!!!!!

The highly praised trilogy of Regency romances by award-winning author Grace Burrowes concludes with gifted pianist Valentine Windham, youngest son of the Duke of Moreland. Val retreats to the country after an injury robs him of his musical ability, only to learn from impoverished widow Ellen Markham that he can be loved even when his music falls silent.


The Description on Amazon just doesn't say enough so let me tell you about this Gem.

Valentine, a romantic name that suits this character to a T.  Valentine is a Virtuoso of music, he not only can play magnificently but he builds and sells the pianos.   He's dedicated almost every waking moment to learning his craft and practising it.  Then tragedy set in, one of his hands become so inflamed that he was barely able to move it.  The Doctor told him to rest it and no more playing the piano.
Devastated Valentine had to find a new pastime while symphonies play in his head and went unplayed.   One evening while playing cards he won a Deed to a land that had been unkempt.  He decides to restore it and in doing so meets a dear lady for a second time.
Ellen Markham, Widow and Gardner is hiding many secrets.  Valentine needs to figure them out and in doing so finds what's been missing in his life and music.

This book in my opinion is a MUST READ!  It was delightful and full of mystery.  Grace Burrows creates the most beautiful pictures with words.  I could see the music in my minds eye and delighted in the flirtatiousness of the characters once again, she delivers each and every time I read her books, I'm never left wanting because the books always end in just the right note.

The characters are written very well and you get to know them in a flowing manner, not just step by step.  They have many depths to them but it's not slow.  I hope you can understand what I mean lol Valentine is such a heartthrob.  Handsome, romantic and he always says just the right thing at the right time.  From book one of this series he was my favourite of the brothers and I could not wait to read about him, he certainly did not disappoint.  Ellen Markham has been through so many things and yet she is still sweet and oddly innocent.  She was also easy to fall in love with.  She's optimistic even after all that befallen her and yet she's unique in her time, she usually says what she thinks but in a lady-like manner.  I found her to be refreshing.

I laughed and cried and went along on the adventure.  I found myself having a hard time putting the book down because it was a wonderful mixture of romance and mystery with intrigues far and wide.  I have to highly recommend you read this book, you'll be glad you did!


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