Toni's Review of Cowboy Come Home by Janette Kenny ***4.5 Stars***

Believe In Second Chances. . .

Trey March never wanted to see Daisy Barton again. But there she is, in over her pretty little head running the JDB Ranch—and standing between him and the small fortune he's owed. Now if he wants to get his due, he'll have to save the ranch first. . .working side-by-side with the only woman he's ever loved.

Without her overprotective father to guide her, Daisy's trying to stand on her own at last. But a sinister foreman with a grudge seems determined to cut her down at every turn. And Trey, the one man she can count on, is the same man she could never trust herself to resist. . .not even now, when her heart—and her life—are at stake.


Lovers separated by circumstance, brought back together by fate.  This is the final book in the Lost Sons Trilogy.

Trey March is returning to the JDB Ranch for one thing, the money that is owed to him.  After recuperating from a vicious attack, he returns to the ranch and meets the one person who betrayed him the most, Daisy Barton.  Her treachery runs deep, her silence of their relationship almost got him killed and he wants nothing to do with her.  The problem is once he sets his eyes on her, old and new feelings collide leaving Trey bewildered.  After hearing and seeing the state the ranch is in, the only thing he can do to secure his future is to work with the one person he despises most.

Daisy has lost everything; her father, her lover and is about to lose the ranch.  She was raised to become a wealthy rancher’s wife not to run one.  She has no idea what to do and must rely on the foreman, Ned Durant, to guide her.  Now Ned has proposed to her and she is seeing his intentions more clearly.  He wants to own the ranch by any means necessary.  Things change immediately when the last person she ever expected to see walks into her office demanding money.  Too bad the ranch is broke and there is only one way Trey will get his due, he has to become the new foreman.

As Trey and Daisy work together they discover the extent of the treachery that encircles them and their pasts.  They must work together to save the ranch and each other.  Day after day they learn what they lost, but until the entire truth comes out, neither will be totally happy.

I have to admit that this is the first book of the trilogy that I read.  After my first reading of the novel, I didn’t like it.  When I request books to review, I stay away from series unless I have read the prior books.  That was not the case here.  On the major book sites there is no real indication that is last book in a trilogy.  Even the cover doesn’t state it.  So after reading it and being confused a bit and then annoyed at the end, I wasn’t able to give it a good review.  I contacted the publisher and they allowed me to read/review the other two novels.  I am so glad they did.  Now that I have read the whole trilogy, this book is my favorite.

It had passion, mystery, suspense and a touch of humor.  It is a well written book that is simply divine.  It is an easy read and relaxing too.  I fell in love with the characters and enjoyed their journey back to each other.  I appreciated how it brought the history/futures of the foster brothers all together.  There was completion, even if the circumstances were rather fantastic.  Yet if you look at the whole picture, you can call it fate or divine intervention.  Either way these three men deserved all the happiness they found.

This book is obviously written as a stand-alone, but I would highly recommend you read them all together, starting with A Cowboy Christmas and then In a Cowboy’s Arms.  I say this from experience and like I stated before, I enjoyed this book much more after I had read the prior books.

I am sorry to see this trilogy end.  I loved the sexy cowboys and the high spirited women that tamed them.  This trilogy is a wonderful easy going read that is pleasant and heart-warming, with just enough spice to get your pulse rising a bit.  So head on out and rope up these books.  They are a great treat for lonely nights and a sure way to get a cowboy fix.

Thanks for reading! - Toni


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