Shattered Innocence by Robert Scott 3 Stars!

The Case That Shocked The World
In 1991, an 11-year-old-girl was abducted in broad daylight. Eighteen years later, a policewoman at UC Berkeley confronted a deranged man accompanied by two young girls. During questioning the next day, the girls' mother blurted: "I am Jaycee Lee Dugard. " Her companion was identified as Phillip Craig Garrido—a convicted drug user, rapist and sexual predator. An astonishing story was about to unfold. . .
The Evil That Never Should Have Happened. . .
Now, award-winning author Robert Scott brings to light previously unrevealed information about Garrido's criminal past and manipulation of the legal system. With police and psychologist testimony, this book shows how Garrido managed to get out of a 50-year prison sentence—to shatter the innocence of Jaycee Lee Dugard forever. . .
Includes 16 pages of photos


The story of this young lady is riveting and maddening but yet you cannot put the book down.  You want to know how she manage to survive and how it was possible for the man who kidnapped her to have kept her captive for so long.  
Jaycee is a Survivor of so many horrible things that happened to her and I wanted to know her story.  This books gives all the information but it's like reading newspaper clippings attached together with words added in here and there.
The information is accurate, the story amazing but the way it was told left a little more to be desired for me.  This Book is truly worth reading and I hope you will because Jaycee's story of survival is phenomenal


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