Toni's Review of When a Duke Says I Do by Jane Goodger ***5 Stars***

Miss Elsie Stanhope resided in Nottinghamshire, an area so rich in titled gentlemen, so felicitous for marriage-minded mamas, it was called "the Dukeries." Indeed, Elsie had been betrothed since childhood to the heir of a dukedom. She had no expectation it would be a love match. Still less that she would enter into a shockingly scandalous affair with an altogether different sort of lover. And the very last thing she imagined was that the mysteries of his birth would be unraveled with as many unforeseen twists and turns as the deepest secrets of her heart.


Elise Stanhope’s life is all planned out for her.  She has been engaged since was a child and soon she will be married to her betrothed.  She couldn't be more unhappy about it.  While she is reserved to know that she will do her duty for her family, she feels like there is more to life.  She knows that feeling is true the moment she sets her eyes on her muralist’s assistant.  There is something about the man that makes her feel alive.  Too bad there is nothing she can do about it…or is there?

Alexander’s life has been anything but a happy one.  He is unable to talk when scared or in public and that infliction has ruined his life.  Now an assistant to the renowned muralist Monsieur Laurent Desmarais, he is content with his life.  He has always wished for a family and a wife, but he knew that he would never be able to have one.  That doesn't mean that he can’t dream about it.  His life is about to change the moment he walks into Mansfield Hall.

This story is wonderful and will be a hard one to review!  I will apologize right off.  Normally my reviews are filled with details and basic plot lines, but no spoilers.  I can’t even give you that this time.  It seems that anything I say would ruin things for you.  There are amazing twists and turns and I just don’t want to ruin any surprises for you.  The love story of Elise and Alexander is best enjoyed on your own.  Ms. Goodger is an amazing story teller and When a Duke Says I Do shouldn't have one detail leaked.

There is passion, suspense, intrigue and a villain that will leave you shocked and irate.  I absolutely loved this novel!!  This book is exquisitely written, with amazing details and characters that were captivating and fascinating.  From start to finish, I couldn’t put it down.  Ms. Goodger has found another fan.  I can’t say enough about this incredible book…well I can…GET IT NOW!!

Thanks for reading! - Toni


Melanie said…
LOVED your review :) I did it too, and tried not to spoil it for anyone, and like you, it was very hard but I think I managed somehow! Great review!!!

Toni said…
Thanks Melanie. I need to check yours out! I kept rereading the blurb and thinking, nope no real clues there either. I just hope people read the book, it's a great one! Just loved her writing in it.
ShanonGrey said…
I'd rather not have spoilers, so I am heading right out to get this one, based on you word, which I trust. Thanks.
Toni said…
I think you will enjoy it Shanon. If you love historicals, smart story lines, and steamy love scenes (but not erotic) you will probably like it. It's always great when a book gets your blood pumping by the love scenes and the interactions between the characters.

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