Toni's Review of In a Cowboy's Arms by Janette Kenny ***4 Stars***

Colorado sheriff Dade Logan has waited twenty years to reunite with his long lost sister, Daisy. But when she finally turns up, they barely recognize each other. That's because the beautiful stranger isn't Daisy, but her childhood friend Maggie, on the run from an impending marriage. Moved by this last link to Daisy, Dade determines to bend any law that stands between him, his sister--and the intriguing Maggie. . .

Maggie Sutton will risk anything to escape her fate, though accompanying the broad-shouldered sheriff in his pursuit of Daisy rattles her to the core. But as their search--and desire for one another--escalates, the two provoke a vicious bounty hunter, one who threatens their hopes for a future together. . .


In a Cowboy’s Arms is the second installment of The Lost Sons trilogy. This story is about the middle son’s search for his lost sister, but instead he finds the love of a good woman.

Dade Logan has one true goal in his life…to find his baby sister Daisy. As children they were put into an orphanage by their father Clete Logan, who later became an outlaw and the leader of the Logan Gang. They were separated when Daisy was put on the orphan train and shipped out west. Now over two decades later, Dade is the Sheriff of a small town in Colorado, the town that is the last known location of Daisy.

When Maggie Sutton got off the train in Placid, Colorado she was a woman who was hiding from a dismal future. Using the name of a friend from her childhood, she had no idea what kind of consequences were in store for her. All she anticipated was a quick stop over until she figured out her future plans. What she didn’t expect was to find a man that was claiming to be her brother, the brother to Daisy Logan.

Two people running; one from her future and one that is running to find his past. Their journey takes them many miles and together they find what they were both missing…each other. This is a sweet tale. Dade and Maggie’s worlds collide and together they find ways to heal and be stronger together.

I found myself enjoying this book. Not that I didn’t expect any less from Ms. Kenny. It was a pleasant read with no surprises and very little nail biting excitement, just good old fashioned romance. There were no clichéd misunderstandings, odd love triangles or erotic sex scenes, just good steamy reading. I will say though, Maggie’s seduction of Dade was very cute and yet sexy. It was a nice touch to a historical romance novel.

I will admit that I did adore Reid’s novel, A Cowboys Christmas, more. Maybe it was because he was more tortured and in need of saving or maybe because there was a touch of mystery, oh who knows. Dade was just a man with a mission and short of his outlaw family, had little baggage in my eyes. In a Cowboy’s Arms is still a lovely story that fits nicely in this trilogy. I am looking forward to Trey’s novel: Cowboy Come Home.

So if you are looking for an enjoyable and easy read then pick up In a Cowboy’s Arms. It is a charming look into the historical west and the sexy cowboys that roam the plains.

Thanks for reading! - Toni


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