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Red or Green?

Thank you so much for allowing me to be here today. It's been such fun sharing with everyone over the last few days. I'm thrilled to be here. My debut novel, In Her Sights, has a connection to New Mexico. My heroine is from a small town in the southern part of the state called Truth or Consequences. Yes…it's a real place, situated near Elephant Butte Lake and a space port.

While Jazz has difficult memories of New Mexico, I wanted to share one of the more unique aspects of the Land of Enhancement with your readers: as of 1999, New Mexico has an official state question.

Red or Green?

Go to any New Mexican restaurant and order a New Mexican meal and you'll get asked this question. Your answer could be red, or green…or Christmas…red and green (my preference, by the way). In most other states, this isn't even an option. Even McDonald's in New Mexico offer green chile on their burgers (by the way, it is chile with an 'e' not chili with an 'i').

All chiles start off as green; as they ripen, they turn red or yellow. Green chiles are picked unripe and they are fire roasted, then peeled. They can range from mild to hotter than jalapenos, mostly due to the climate in New Mexico and its impact on levels of capsaicin (the active component in chile peppers). Red chiles are the ripe form of the same plant and most of them are dried. Usually the green is hotter and the red more pungent, but if you plan to eat New Mexican food, ask the waiter what's hotter. It can vary. And, just a word of warning. You may want to ask for your chile on the side the first time you eat New Mexican chile. It's not the same as anywhere else.

My favorite New Mexican meal, you ask? That's easy. Blue corn chicken enchiladas...and I always tell the waiter…Christmas. Of course.

Do you have a favorite regional food that's unusual or interesting? I'd love to know and put it on my list. By the way, I love to hear from readers. 
Please connect with me. You can get in touch via my website, where you can view the In Her Sights book trailer, read excerpts, read reviews, sign up for my mailing list and even request trading cards or a Kindlegraph. 
I'm also on Twitter, Facebook, and Goodreads. I'd love to hear from you.

Award-winning author Robin Perini’s love of heart-stopping suspense and poignant romance, coupled with her adoration of high tech weaponry and covert ops, encouraged her secret inner commando to take on the challenge of writing romantic suspense novels.  Her mission's motto: "when danger and romance collide, no heart is safe."
As a writer, Robin is devoted to giving her readers fast-paced, high stakes adventures with a love story sure to melt their hearts. Robin’s strong characters and tightly woven plots have garnered her seven prestigious Romance Writers of America Golden Heart® finals, and Golden Heart Winner in 2011. Stolen Lullaby, will be published by Harlequin Intrigue® in May, 2012 as Finding Her Son. Her other 2011 Golden Heart® Finalist, In Her Sights, will be published by Amazon's Montlake Romance November 29, 2011.
By day, she works for an advanced technology corporation, and in her spare time, you might find her giving one of her many nationally acclaimed writing workshops or find her training in competitive small-bore rifle silhouette shooting.  She's a voracious reader and a die-hard fan of the T.V. series, BONES.


Robin Perini said…
Once again, I'm so honored to be here today. Would love to know if you have a fave food from your region...or perhaps somewhere you've visited. Or even a favorite holiday delicacy...I'm always looking for recipes. Thanks again for stopping by.

Leanne109 said…
Hi Robin :) Thanks so much for being a guest! Great post! If you look on the left side bar you can see I have 3 recipes listed that I've posted.
I live in NB Canada and I also love to try new foods :)
Robin Perini said…
Hi Leanne--

Love that choc chip cookie recipe. Coconut...interesting secret ingredient. I have a recipe where you grind up oatmeal and use it for half the flour. Yum...

One more thing about green chile. Lots of vitamin C and it DEFINITELY cleans out the sinuses.
Tribute Books said…
Leanne, thanks a million for hosting Robin today. What a fun post!

Robin, I always love to hear about the different types of cuisine in different parts of the country and what a clever way to tie it into the holiday season. All I can say is - YUM!
Robin Perini said…
Thanks! that green chile. Some places make it REALLY hot, though. My brother can pop jalepenos like candy, and my little nephew is only 2-1/2 and he eats 'hot tamales' candies...he'll probably take after my brother and eat the really hot stuff. I like spicy, but I must admit medium is about as hot as I'll go.

The flavor of mild green chile is amazing though. I have a recipe for green chile chicken stew that is out of this world. Really yummy and easy with a cream base that makes it a major comfort food.

Leanne, thanks so much for hosting me today. It's been a blast!

All my best,
Sheila Deeth said…
Do English mince pies count as a favorite regional food. Wish I could find some in time for Christmas. At which time I will amaze our Texas son by having learned more about chilis. Thank you.
Robin Perini said…
Hi Sheila--I totally think it counts!!! I've actually never had mince pie. I must try least once LOL.

Glad you enjoyed the post, and thanks so much for stopping by.

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