Small except from my book :) Unedited! lol

They say a picture worth a thousand words, so here is what I'd like my cover to look like and here is a small excerpt from my novella Awaken To Leprechauns.

“That is not a problem lass, we’ll pay for the groceries, do the cooking and cleaning while we are living with you. There, no more excuses to get rid of us, unless you’re scared of us Lass, is that it?”  Trying to look innocent Kelly answers “No! And I mean Hell no! I’m not scared of you two!”  “The lady doth protest too much” Shamus said lifting an eyebrow and chuckling.  Kelly sputtered and decided this was a losing battle “Ok then you both can stay until the wishes are done or time runs out.  You can each have a guest bedroom, take your pick.”   “ Your room,” they both answered at the same time.  “Why would you each want to take over my room, don’t you think it’s a little girly for you?”  Aiden smirked, “Not just your room, you in the room and in the bed with us both.”   Kelly giggles and then realizes he’ serious.  “I can’t sleep with both of you!” eyes wide “I... I… just can’t”.  “Come on honey we’ll be very gentle with you.  I promise you won’t be disappointed, wanna see my credentials” Shamus waggles his eyebrows and gives her a wink.  Kelly sputters and blushes from head to toe and her pussy gushes.  “Keep your credentials to yourself big boy”.  “Oh so you already know,” he laughs. Kelly didn’t think it was possible to get any redder but she did.


Amanda said…
Oh no sounds like double trouble!! Can't wait til you get it published !!!!
Toni said…
Why yes sir, I will need to see your credentials!! Great job Leanne!
Kristen said…
Stopping by with my toolbar on from the Alexa Drop Hop! Would love a visit back :)

Kristen from
Leanne109 said…
Thanks Kristen! Will do!
Blue Shedevil said…
Wow! Great snippet and really well done. Would love to read it, when you're done. The cover is smoking as well, Grrrrrr.
missheada said…
OMG! i so wanna read this!!!

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