I'm busy busy busy! I'm preparing my makeup kit for a Fashion photo shoot that a local photographer is having.
I was asked to be the back up makeup artist.  I'm am really excited to have this opportunity to show my work.  It came as quite a surprise :)
Saturday night I had a friend message me to tell me a photographer was looking for makeup artist and she thought of me right away and then I received another message from my brother telling me the same thing.
So, I messaged the photographer who was looking and gave him the link to my Fan page on Facebook.  He looked at my photos there and said he'd love to have me on set.
Super excited I agreed and he promised to give me photos for my portfolio.  YAY!!!  
I asked him what kind of looks he had in mind and here are a few :D

I'm nervous but will take it one step at a time and just try my very best :D


Nancy Naigle said…
This is so exciting. I can't wait to hear how it goes, because I know they are going to adore you.

I'll be checking back for updates.
Toni said…
How wonderful Leanne!! From what I have seen so far, things went great!!

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