The Gifted Ones ~ How it all began...

Sometimes we don't actually start out thinking about writing a book, particularly a memoir, but sometimes, it just happens. That's how it happened for me anyways.
But first, let me take you back to February 2005.
My mother had just passed away, and like most grieving daughters, I soon realized I had a lot of pent-up issues with her...still. A lot of anger...still. So after many loooong 'therapy' walks on the beach, I started to put the pieces together...the if's, the why's, the what if's, the should of's. And as a result, my healing process started... in my head. It wasn't until I wrote it down in black-and-white that I really connected the dots...and realized she wasn't the only one I still held a grudge towards.
Through my writings I found the source and strength to understand, forgive, let go,and finally heal. And as a result, 'The Gifted Ones' was born.
This is my journey through life; my struggles, my failures, my accomplishments. I have not told a soul this story for 30+ years...but I feel now is the time. It's a story everyone will be able to relate to, in one form or another, as it deals mainly with one simple word: A-C-C-E-P-T-A-N-C-E. Something we all strive for.
The Gifted Ones 
The Gifted Ones
Have you ever been so in love that your daily breath depended upon another?
Have you ever been pushed to unfathomable limits to defend your beliefs?
Have you ever been made to feel like the underbelly of society?
Have you ever been thirteen?
Well I have...and this is my story.
Set in 1976, amongst the cornfields of the midwest, in a Catholic based upbringing, unfolds the rollercoaster story of two determinded teenagers, in a full fledged, fight for your life, adult existence - fueled by an overpowering mother and a closed-minded society....all in the name of L-O-V-E
READ the full synopsis, about me, and purchasing details, on my main page:


Iris Blobel said…
This is my next book to read and I can't wait ..... so far i've read only good reviews on it!!!!
Lisa Vaughn said…
Thank you to Leanne for graciously letting me hang here for the day!
Leanne109 said…
Thanks for wanting to be a guest :D
Your Welcome back anytime!
Toni said…
Great post Lisa!! I can't wait to review this one!

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