Follow An Angel by Marilyn Baron: One Twitterific Story

After being stood up two weeks before turning 30, Eden decides to take
a leave of absence from work, love, and her life in New York. She goes
to her parents’ beachfront condo in Florida.
Eden curls up on a recliner outside, and, after polishing off a bottle of
Shiraz, falls asleep to the lull of a delicious ocean breeze. She
wakes up and sees a beautiful cloud formation, which she believes
looks like an Angel. She rubs her eyes and realizes she is seeing a
man with wings, wearing a sexy pair of Aviators. She blinks her eyes
in disbelief. Maybe drinking a whole bottle of wine last night wasn’t
one of her better ideas.

Maybe this Angel was heaven-sent to help her mend her broken heart and
fix her messed up life.

Grab your Kindle, Nook, or e-Reader and download this story by Marilyn
Baron, to find out how an Angel-in-training changes Eden's life with
a tweet that says, “Is anybody out there?” This is one Twitterific
story you won’t want to miss!

This review was written by : Kym Amaral


Marilyn Baron said…
Thank you so much Kym for the review and Leanne for hosting it on your site.

Marilyn Baron

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