Step By Step on how to do eyeliner :D

1.  Using liquid liner start the line on the eyelash line in the middle. Tip first and then lay it down flat and drag it to the corner.  Do not dip again.

2.  Then at the inner corner do it the same way tip first, lay it down and connect the line to the rest. 

3.  If u want it to be a cat eye; then you follow these steps and go to the outer corner put the tip where you what the cat eye to end and dag it to connect with the outer corner of your eye.

4.  If you mess up at all just ue a Q-tip with makeup remover on it or a Diaper whipe :D  Pretty much the same process it pencil or gel liner :D

If you have any questions, ask :D


Talina Perkins said…
Thanks for taking the time out to explain how to work eyeliner, Leanne. For me it is the one thing I can never get rite, but after reading your steps I think I was able to get a good lookin' line...finally!



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