Please Welcome Author Kymberlee Burks-Miller!!!!

A dream realized

Outside of the writing community people think that being an Author is simple. Easy peasy. You write a story having exotically fabulous characters and BAM! You’re and Author. Don’t I wish! Not quite that simple. It takes time to cultivate a single character, let alone an entire novel full. 
There is always a back story to each person that a writer creates that WE need to know. Then after we have written our books we go over them painstakingly before even DARING to let another breathing being touch them.

Then we start the shameless self-promotion of our books and ourselves, while our manuscripts sit on many desks all over the world, just waiting for someone to read it and see our visionJ After months and sometimes years of waiting, wondering and praying to every God, Goddess, Buddha and any other being of higher power we can think of, we receive the call or letter that promises us to realize our dreams of being published! 
Now that’s when the work really begins! Oh you thought the hard part was behind us *insert delirious laughing* Wrong!

Now our “babies” are edited and revised, sounds fun, huh? More shameless self whoring is occurring, when all the writer really wants to do is to write. After all the edits, revisions and designs are complete, we await our scheduled date with destiny. Book release day! Then we are published Authors and more work lies ahead of us. I love being a writer. I am scared to death about becoming an Author with my debut YA novel Compulsion that is scheduled for release October 2011.

I idolize all that have gone before me and hope that I will not shame the title of Author :)

Compulsion will be available at Barnes and Nobles, Amazon, Book-A-Million, and many other locations.  It is being released in paperback and ebook.
Enchantment will be released in February 2012

Thank you so much Kymberlee for being a guest on my blog :D  I hope you enjoy your visit!


Toni said…
Over the last several months I have come acquainted with several authors. You are right. No one knows how hard authors work until you become one or well in my case befriend a few. My hat goes off to you. Congrats on all your hard work. You deserve it!! Keep up the good work and write lots and lots.
Brindle Chase said…
I still get a chuckle when people say how easy it must be to write. Well, the writing is the easy part, but few can do it well. We are unique. But the promotion, marketing, networking and pitching our books is a verifiable nightmare!!! Worth it... but hard hard hard work!! If I didn't love writing so much, I'd have given up long ago!
Shanon Grey said…
Thank you for your words. I felt each and every one. We give birth to our books, then to ourselves--for we are never to be the same again. Best of luck to you!
Thank you all so much for your kind words. Best of luck to all of you! Love, Hugs, and Kisses Kymberlee xoxo
Anonymous said…
Kymberlee!! Thanks for your reflections on being a writer. You are truly an amazing Talent..... Congrats on Compulsion....... Two thumbs up my friend!

rue volley said…
Great Interview! I giggle to about the writing thingy, it is a labor of love for sure:) Now everyone buy Kymberlee's book! xoxo
Anonymous said…
The woman speaks the truth!! Writing is a hard business and only we really know just how difficult it can be. Congratulations on coming out the other side with your sanity still in tact.

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