Feel The Heat
"Fight Fire with Fire" is written by Lorie O'Clare. Mary Hamilton has had a crush on Nate Armstrong since they were kids. But she's told herself to get over it - as a firefighter Nate is in mortal danger every day. But when their friend and Nate's fellow firefighter dies young in a suspicious house fire, Mary decides life is too short to let cold fear beat out hot desire.
 "Heat Wave" is written by P.J. Mellor. Summer Wadsworth is dangerously close to overheating. Her house has burned down, and Thorne Paxton, the firefighter who rescues her from the flames, is blazing hot. She's ready to call him in for a little off-duty fun. But 'duty' has a nasty way of following him home. And with a man like Thorne, the pleasure can't hide how easy it is to get burned.. 
"Smoldering Lust" is written by Lydia Parks Local girl Hannah Hayward has made a name for herself in the mayor's office. But when her town's new fire chief turns out to be bad boy Lee Evans, back after fourteen years and looking even sexier than she remembers, she's got more to worry about than his budget requests. He's too good to believe...and too hot to deny.

If you can't take the heat then find another book because this book will scorch your fingers! 
I am loving this book, it's 3 stories written by different author's with a reoccurring theme.  FIREMEN!  
The authors out did themselves with this book, the stories are incredible.   

Story number one is by Lorie O'Clare and it's about Mary Hamilton who has been secretly in love with Nate Armstrong for as long as she can remember.  They come together after a tragedy and Nate finally realizes that he has found a piece of his heart.
I really enjoyed this story, it had mystery, action and a sexy loving man.  If you like HEA then this is a great story for you.

Story number two is by P.J. Mellor and it's about Summer Wadsworth.  Yikes, what a name!  But, it really is perfect for this character.  She is so much fun to read. She's full of life and she had me laughing out loud quite often.  Her knight in shinning firemen gear is Thorne Paxton, he use to be a player and then he met Summer and things just spiraled to HEA.

Story number 3 is by Lydia Parks.  Harding working Hannah Howard is a career girl and working hard in the mayor's office.  Lee Evans slides into town as new fire chief and has made some requests for the budget but that's not all he's requesting! I swear I felt the butterflies in my tummy along with Hannah!

Each and every story was enjoyable and the hero's delicious! If your looking for the perfect Hot Beach Read then this is it!  It's fun and full of action to keep you interested!


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