Time for some makeup!

Alright, now that my partying need has been filled. It' time for some makeup lol  I thought I'd share 
How I did my Canada Day Makeup look.  Here's a picture with numbers on it to help me explain it.
Now remember I use cheap or store brand product because I know it' easier to attain those for most.

I always start by putting on concealer around my eyes because I have really bad problem with dark circles.  It's hereditary and often happens to those with deep set eyes. 
 Next I prime my eyelids from lash to brow, the inner corners and a little under my bottom lashes so eyeshadow has something to stick to and so the colors pop more. Lastly to prepare my eyes for makeup I put a little bit of loose powder to help it last longer.

1.  Any shiny white will do for the inner corner.  It makes you look more awake. I used Rimmel's Moonlight.

2.  I used the color Bronze.  The brand is AVON.  Lightly sweep the color back and forth in your crease bringing it up higher and higher. Start with a little, u can always add more.

3.  The color Red.  Brand is ELF.  Red is not a color for everyone because if often irritates people skin due to the red coloring in it.  If you allergic to red additives then it's best to stay clear of red pigmented makeup.  When applying this color start in the middle and sweep it lightly to the outer corner of your eye.

4.  To blend the white and red use a little white shadow on your blending brush and twirl it in small circles going towards the red. You only need a little.

5.  To finish the shadow sweep a light neutral color, about two shades lighter then your skin.  In small circular motions again to blend it a little into your bronze shadow.  This is another that you start with just a little until you think it looks right.  For the white you can you use a little shimmer or a matte color.  I used JOE white.  (JOE is a Superstore Brand)

6.  Next I lined my lashes with a black eyeliner and then dabbed black eyeshadow on top of it to seal it in.  Loreal black liner and black shadow were used.

7.  I then lined my lower lash line with a light brown shadow.  I brought from the outer corner of the eye to the white on the inner corner.

8.  I curled my lashes and add black mascara to the top of the lashes and then swept them upward with more mascara.  I put about 2 applications.  I used Loreals Eyelights Mascara for blue eyes and Physician's Formula PUMP.

Brows I brushed them and that's all, I like my natural brow.  On my face I used AVON's mineral foundation for a very light coverage and natural look, a little blush on the apples of my cheeks and shimmer. Shimmer is swept from the apple of the cheek to the temple. Gives a fresher look. 
Lastly I put on a little peach lipgloss.  Loreal's Peach.

Hope you enjoyed the tutorial!



Talina Perkins said…
Excellent, Leanne! I loved the tutorial and all the added details on just how to apply each color. Can you do a smokey eye look and how to apply eyeliner both liquid and pencil? You have me hooked wanting to know more! :-)

Leanne109 said…
LOL Absolutely Talina. I 'll even have hubby video it, so you can see exactly how I do it :D
Talina Perkins said…
That is awesome! Thank your DH for me and you are the best Leanne! *hugs*
Toni said…
Very beautiful!

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