Fashion Photoshoot Makeup

Well the photographer put up the pics from the Fashion shoot this morning.  I am so super excited.  I did most of the models makeup and I think it turned out superbly. Here are a few pictures to share with you all :)

All images belong to © Jeff Chiasson Photography
WTF (What The Fashion) photoshoot for store launch.

I wish more people were online right now to squeal with me lol 


Pamela Mason said…
Well, the girls' makeup looks Wonderful! How exciting! Where will this be published?
Leanne109 said…
Thanks! I never asked lol I went in and did my thing and asked no questions lol
Talina Perkins said…
I am squeeing with you Leanne! What a wonderful job you did! the girls look fabulous! Congratulations!!! Here's to your huge success as an amazing make-up artist!

HUGS :-)

Leanne109 said…
Thanks Talina!!!!!!! woohoo!!

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