Let’s Talk Paranormal
By Shanon Grey

First, I want to thank Leanne for having me as a guest. I am new to this. The Shoppe of Spells is my debut novel, and until recently I used to think writing involved me sitting down, coming up with a story, writing it, submitting it, and hoping for the best. Not so. It involves a lot more social interaction on my part. For a shy person, that can be intimidating at best. I know that joining Facebook and Friends From Beyond Her Book has helped tremendously. Thank you to all those that have “pushed” me to be more social.
If you visit my page, Shanon Grey :: FictionWeaver or my website, www.shanongrey.com, you will notice that I have branded myself FictionWeaver. That is because I love weaving the unexpected and the unexplained into my stories. The series the Gatekeepers, in which The Shoppe of Spells is the first book, will explore those possibilities even further. The second in the series is Meadow’s Keep (stay tuned for that release this spring) and that will explore how, even in the “enhanced” world, things can go awry.
We are all gifted. The very fact that we are here and do all the incredible things we do, tells me we have unexplored talents. Have you ever thought you were seeing something out of the corner of her eye, only to turn and nothing is there? Have you ever walked into a place and, suddenly, couldn’t get out of there fast enough? Have you been around someone and the attraction was so great, you felt like the atmosphere was charged with electricity? Have you felt like you were in a place you recognize or in a conversation you’ve heard before? All of those things hint at the paranormal.

My stepmother used to put her hands in dishwater and think of me and invariable I would call. It got to be a joke. I told her I wished that we could just have to conversations telepathically, it would be cheaper. That was obviously before cheap phone plans.
“Déjà vu”—the sense of being somewhere familiar—except you’ve never been there, or knowing what’s going to be said, is fairly common. Even stranger—I went to Colonial Williamsburg, VA with my friend, Mary (to whom the book is dedicated) and two things happened. I walked into a Colonial site, saw a painting (called theorem painting, a technique used in colonial times) and knew exactly how to do it. I am not an artist. At another site, Mary started talking to one of the researchers and told them things about being a servant that they
knew but hadn’t published yet. So what did we do? We treated ourselves to a fabulous colonial dinner and went back to living normal lives.

When I met my husband, I was doing research and he signed up to be a subject. I took him into this room to interview him and the atmosphere became so charged, that when someone opened the door, not only did she get shocked (you could hear it), her hair stood on end (she was NOT thrilled with that).
My point is, things happen all around us, all of the time. We just have to be aware. Or observant. Someone once told me that the only reason we don’t see all the dust particles floating around (I think he was referring to my house) is we have conditioned ourselves not to see them.

In my book, my main character, Morgan, has lived 26 years being “ordinary,” only to find out she is definitely extraordinary. And for her, and others, what they have is normal—for them. The Shoppe of Spells is set in an amazing, small town in Georgia. I hope you’ll fall in love with Ruthorford and feel just as at home as its residents.

I love exploring these possibilities. I hope you take from this the desire to look closer at the world around and within you and enjoy what you find. I would love for you to join me as I explore some of those possibilities. Oh, a little side note. On my site, www.shanongrey.com, the incredible eye on the home page was done by none other than our own wonderful Leanne. Thank you, Leanne, it’s perfect.


Leanne109 said…
Thank you so much Shanon! I adore you post :D and I am truly honored that your using my picture :D
I wish you so much success with your book and all the other to come:D
Though we only know each other online I consider you a friend and I'll support your endeavors online as much as I can :D
P.L. Parker said…
Loved the post! Gave me chills but that happens all the time. Book series sounds very exciting!
Shanon Grey said…
Thank you Leanne. I love your site and your artistry. I appreciate you having me on today.
Lisa Kessler said…
Great blog! :)

Good luck with the new release Shannon!!! I hope it's a big hit for you...

Lisa :)
Nancy Naigle said…
Thanks for sharing. I definetely have some of those woo-woo deja-vu moments before.

I love your cover and can I share that I've already read this book. It's a 5 star read. You will absolutely love it cover to cover.
Toni said…
Thank you for sharing with us. Congrats on your debut. How exciting for an author!! I enjoyed your blog. Very chill worthy. I wish more exciting things would happen to me. Much success to you!
Rose Maybud said…
Wonderful post! Yes, it's so often that we don't notice the "extraordinary" things that happen in the most ordinary day!

Thanks for sharing!
Shanon Grey said…
Thanks for the comments. To prove my point. I was innocently out running errands so I could get back here and read your comments and was standing in line at Target. I heard a voice that sounded just like my friend, Mary, down to the tone and cadence. I swung around and caught a glimpse of a silver grey haired woman walking down the main aisle with her friend. If I didn't know Mary has passed I would have made a complete fool of myself. Fortunately, the cashier wanted my money at that moment. So, was she saying hello or just giving me something to write about? Knowing Mary, probably both--and with a chuckle added for spice.
Leanne109 said…
Great story!!! so cool!
Desiree Holt said…
Great blog, especially about the dishwater! I'll be looking for the book.
Deena said…
Fantastic post! AND... I wanna read this book! Great job and best of luck with your debut!
Shanon Grey said…
Thanks everyone. Have a wonderful night and a fantastic Friday!
Pretty cool post :D I like learning new things and I agree :D I have this 6th sense and I always call my dad (painter) when he's on a ladder and he started making a joke of it with me since I did it all the time :D

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