Book 1 in The Ishadarian Saga
By Alexandra O’Hurley
Abduction (Ishadarian Saga)

 Excerpt….    Besh moved to the front of the room and demanded everyone but the owner leave immediately. The customers and staff quickly exited, fleeing the unknown of what was about to happen in the small café, turning to look over their shoulders as they escaped.

Besh then turned to the woman who remained in the doorframe that evidently exited to the kitchens. She was tall for an Earth female and he could sense that she was holding herself up using the support of the doorframe, trying to not show her fear. But she was given away by the slight tremor he witnessed in her knees.As he approached her, he caught a scent of something that stirred his blood and made his heart start to beat loudly in his ears.

He had never smelled something like it before, it was not unpleasant, nor unwelcome, but it was affecting him in a way he could not understand. Was this something coming from the kitchens? He stopped short of the woman as the smell caused him to become weak-kneed himself.“Bring…my men…food and water…now, “ he struggled to bark at the woman in front of him, being short not out of rudeness, but uncertainty of what was drugging his mind and body.

The last thing he saw before his vision began to swim was her wide brown-eyed look before she shot back through the door. He turned to his second in command, Dar Jin, to ask if he also noted the same drugged feeling. He gripped Dar by the upper arm and dragged the man to a corner and spoke in hushed tones to hide this sudden weakness from his men.“Do you smell that, Dar?”Dar sniffed at the air around them twice and then turned to face his commander, “Smell what sir?”“That smell…that sweet, sweet smell.

It is driving me insane. I feel like I am drugged…my heart is rushing and my body feels weak, yet I feel excited all at the same time, like every cell in my body is on fire.” Besh paused shaking his head, wondering if he was just suffering from the excessive heat. “It is starting to subside now, but a moment ago I felt like I could fall to my knees.”“Ah sir…I don’t smell or sense anything out of the ordinary. I can’t give you any explanation for what you sense, but it almost sounds like…..” Dar’s eyes had opened wide as he paused, unwilling to go on, as if suddenly afraid.“Like what, Dar?” Besh felt Dar’s hesitation in answering him.“It sounds like…. Daya N’goul”“Dar, that can’t be. There is no Ishadarian woman here, so how could it be Daya N’goul?”……………………..

Besh the heir to the empire of Ishadaria is leading the troops exploring earth. The entire time feeling there was more there for him. Kaya a café owner has a love for cooking. With few friends and no family, Kaya has no life but work. When Besh enters her café, Kaya has no idea what is in store for her future. Besh cannot explain the feelings that over power him when he is near Kaya so he orders men to drug her and abduct her to take back to their home planet, wondering if it is Daya N’goul?

When first reading this book, I was not sure how I would feel about it. I do not really read paranormal fiction. Now I am wondering, what is wrong with me? I loved this book! By the end I was mad because I did not have the second one!
The men! I can only imagine what these huge men would truly look like except drop dead gorgeous! Talk about MUSCLES and STRENGTH galore! The women are pure beauty too! With long hair, nails, and beautiful clothes!
It is just one HOT, HOT, HOT book! The imagery Alexandra O’Hurley creates is one of a kind. Who would not want to live on these beautiful planets? I recommend reading this saga to learn how beautiful this world is! As for myself, I cannot wait to continue reading this saga!
XOXO Amanda Chesshir 5 STARS!!!!!


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