I would like to introduce Rue Volley and her new book 
"Blood & Light"
Please do leave comments and questions for Rue Volley to answer!  Enjoy the post!  I did!

 Blood & Light is a 6 book vampire series written by Rue Volley. The series was started in February of 2010 and within 11 months Rue had five books done and was starting the 6th installment to the epic story. Each book is 400+ pages in length, but easy reads as Rue tends to steer clear of lengthy descriptions and useless waste of time on the readers part. In turn this author lets you live the tale along with the characters and enjoy conversations that allow you to not only connect with the characters in the series but learn information that is needed to keep the story moving along.

The story starts out in the midst of some turmoil for the 16 year old main character, by the name of Rue Volley...as she is dealing with the sudden loss of her Mother who has been placed in an insane asylum, and a Father who spends his days and nights at her Mothers side. Rue is left with her brother Kai, who although has good intention, tries to kill her with his lack of cooking skills and normal "brotherly" banter. Kai convinces Rue that she should attend a party and stop being so anti-social and she reluctantly agrees. At this party she runs into her "tweenie" crush, Johnathan Graph and in the course of this awkward encounter something very strange happens that propells the story into motion and on track to spin an epic tale of grief, humor, love, sexual tention, battle scenes and supernatural fantasy. You see Rue is immortal, as are many in the Blood & Light Series and these vampires have a twist, they do feed on blood...but the story mainly encompasses the Chakra, and each vampire has a color that swirls on their skin, like oil in water when they battle, have sexual encounters and hunt for food. they also "draw " energy into their blades when they battle, poisoning the blade to all they harm with them.
 Rue also creates a world of alchemy, through casting spells. glamors(used to trick humans) portaling through mirrors and a dreamlike state, she refers to as "memory", which is a "purgatory" of sorts for immortals. The first book in the series is more YA, although it does contain language and some sexual situations, and as the series progresses it does become more adult in nature from book two and on throughout the rest of the series, putting the entire series into the Adult genre. The Blood & 

Light Series was recently signed by Vamptasy Publishing in the UK and the first 2 books in the series will be for sale with the next few weeks, not only on Vamptasy's website, but on amazon.com and amazon.co.uk as well as stores in the UK, followed by stores here in the US. Each book will be released not only in softcover but ebook format, downloadable to the Nook also.
Blood & Light is best suited for fans of 30 days of night( for violence), Buffy the Vampire Slayer(for humor) and True Blood (for sexual scene

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Amanda said…
Oh!No! Leanne now I have to read these too!!
Rue, your mind is amazing!!
Leanne109 said…
LOL Amanda! Blame Rue! Her books sound soooo good :D
rue volley said…
Hello! Thank you all! xoxo
rue volley said…
Oh! hahahaha! I almost forgot. If you go to vamptasypublishing.com book one is now available for sale on the site! You can get a direct link at Rue Volley Blood & Light Series, on facebook:) xoxo
Katrina W said…
I found Rue over at facebook today !! LOVE the sounds of these !!
Q what inspired you to write these stories and well wow ! 6 already ! what a great acheivment !!

rue volley said…
Well, My Father passed away and I wrote and wrote until I started to feel a little better about it:) So...my main character had to deal with all my hooptydoodle.
Toni said…
Wow Rue, what a great twist on the vampire tales. This series really does need to be checked out. It sounds exciting.
Minnette Meador said…
Congratulations on the series, Ru, and on your new contract! You must be thrilled. This sounds like a fabulous series! The best of luck to you... I know you'll sell a bunch! M:o)
Blue Shedevil said…
Wooo Hoooo, I'm 100!! And I voted at the Picket Fence Blog, too! Loved the post, books are my thing. My daughter will flip over the makeup..she's a girly girl and wants to be a makeup artist. Love the look! My blog is a little on the scary side. Come say Hi.

Leanne109 said…
Thanks so much for stopping by!! Hope your daughter's dreams come true :D

Rue Thank you so much for being a guest and hope that you'll post again some time :D

Thanks everyone or visiting!
rue volley said…
Thank you all for checking out this blog and thank you to Leanne for doing it! Please visit me on facebook @ Rue Volley Blood & Light Series to keep up with news and what not! and book one is now for sale on vamptasypublishing.com:) xoxo
Anonymous said…
wow cant wait to read them. sounds great

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