200 FAN GIVEAWAY! $5 Walmart.com Gift Card

I'm having a 

It's not much but it's a little something to thank everyone for following my blog.  
We are not yet at 200 but I am hoping that by the time the giveaway ends on August 31, 2011 that there will be 200 followers.
Thank you to all who participate, your support means so much to me!

Leanne @-}----


Lioness said…
WOW, your header is AWESOME!!!!!

Thank you for stopping by my blog i really appreciate your visit and comment.

I am looking forward to reading your blog posts.

Lioness - Your Newest Follower http://lionessrebirthorg.blogspot.com/
Leanne109 said…
Thanks! I made it myself :)

I look forward to your posts as well :)
mamawolfe said…
Hi, and thanks for leaving a comment on my blog today! As an English teacher, I'm happy to see bloggers writing about books-keep it up!
Bama said…
uh I think I entered lol
looking forward to your blog~
BookJunkie said…
Hi! I just followed, so now you are one person closer to 200! Found you on book blogs, btw!
You can check out my blog over at Fuzzy.Coffee.Books if ya like! I have a giveaway going on right now that's only open until midnight tonight, so make sure you stop by and enter!
I love contests and really want to see 200 plus for you!
Stefanie Dawson said…
Yay for a contest! I like the fact that you do a thorough review on a book - Nice job :)
Erika said…
Great giveaway!
Thanks for stopping by my blog & commenting!
Have a great weekend!
Musings From a SAHM
Jenny H said…
Thanks for stopping by and for the follow! I'm now following you back!
I don't know if I can pick a favorite post...they are all wonderful!

Congrats on all the followers...wishing you many, many more!
I'm already stalking you everywhere.. I might stalk you on FB soon, I have some questions *grins* its still a day or so, you have time to get the 200 :D

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