Author Street Team!!!!!


2   [swag]  Show IPA,noun, verb, swagged, swag·ging.
Slang .
plunder; booty.
money; valuables.

I am a total swag collector... I adore going to the mail only to find little gifts from Authors all around the world.  Romance Trading Cards, Bookmarks, Post Cards and much more.

I'm very lucky that I know several authors and I enter a lot of book giveaways.
I recently joined several groups and in one of them a wonderful lady and fan of Deena Remiel  suggested that we get together and become a Street Team for one of our favourite Authors.  Of course, I said yes right away!  Having agreed to go to my local library or local book stores and drop off some of this swag I thought to myself... Why not ask some more of my Author friends if they'd like to send me some of their swag and I could do the same for them.
Brethren Beginnings Volume 1
That's how I ended up with a big pile of swag to give out locally :D I was so excited to get out there and make people's day like the Authors often do for me.  With a bag full of  awesome swag I went to visit people.  I stopped in at the Farmer' market, local book store and to our one and only library.
I handed out a lot of stuff and unfortunately no one would allow me to take their picture for my web post, except for one of the wonderful Librarians.  They were all so excited that they left their posts to "OoH" and "Ahhh"  over the bookmarks, trading cards and post cards.  I had a special treat for each of them, signed bookmarks!  
I enjoyed today so much!  I helped many authors, made quite a few people's day and got lots of exercise lol
I hope I get to continue doing this because I loved it!
A huge Thank you to all the Authors who sent me swag so that I was able to share the love!
Until next time ;)


Deena said…
Thank YOU for joining the STREET ANGELS! It takes a village to bring new voices to the publishing world, and i couldn't possibly do it alone. Love you bunches!!!
Deena Remiel
Amanda said…
Did I join the street angels I forget if not sign me up. My book store called me and I have B&N + 2 libraries rubbing their hands in anticipation!!! Great article Leanne!
Lisa Kessler said…
Leanne you are the coolest!!! :)

Can I share the last pic on my facebook page?

Thanks SO much for helping spread the word about our books! You rock!!!

Lisa :)
Neko said…
It looks awesome!! You girls certainly do alot, and it looks like so much fun too!
I see a couple awesome names in there! Deena rocks and so does Jessa. *waving to both*
verónica said…
Hi there.
Greetings from Portugal. :)
I just found your blog while searching pics with swag. I laugh when I read your first words because I´m like you. I´m a collector, I love swag and I get crazy when I have something in my mail box.

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