Introducing BRNMD's Sponsor Nancy's Mae Minerals

I'd like to introduce my new sponsor Nancy's Mae Minerals!
Nancy kindly sent me samples of Mae mineral makeup and I decided to write a review on them.

As you can see I was sent a treasure, well to me it's a treasure.  I was so excited and I had to hold myself back from trying each and every one of them. LOL  The choice of color is amazing. They varied from matte to metallic.  My favorite ones are the metallic.  They shine like mirrors!
I decided to choose "Painted Desert" which is a pretty shiny pink and "Lioness" which turned out to be a shiny yellow gold.

Here i the picture of the samples and a swatch of each without primer.

The pigment payout is fabulous and the product blends extremely well.  The mineral makeup feels like velvet. 
In my opinion Mae Mineral eyeshadow is amazing and I would definitely recommend you try it to see for yourself.
I also received a bronzer from Mae Mineral and once again the product blew me away.  It went on easily and blended into my kin perfectly.

Here is the makeup look I came up with using Mae mineral eyeshadow and the bronzer.  I also used the pink on my lips with a bit of lip gloss.

I hope you find my review helpful and there will be many more swatches and looks in the future :D

Disclaimer:  Though the product samples were received from Nancy's Mae mineral I was in no way paid or coerced  into giving a good opinion of the product. The review is my own opinion.

Here are the links to the sites

If you have any questions at all do not hesitate to ask!


Amanda said…
Very good review! I really want to try these pigments. They are all so pretty it is hard to choose!
Redd said…
Lookin' fabulous, hun! :)

Yes, your reviews are helpful, 'specially to those such as myself who *love* makeup and yet get so perplexed by it at the same time. lol.

The eyeshadow looks fabulous on you.. ;)

I wish I felt comfortable with eyeshadow enough to wear it. You make it looks so effortless! I'm probably going to take one Sat and sit down with your blog and my makeup kit and work it all out. *grins*

Have a fabulous weekend!
Talina Perkins said…
Awesome and very helpful review, Leanne! Thank you so much for helping me decide what new makeup line to try. I've been looking for something to make my eyes shimmer in this tropical sun ( always looking new wyas to catch DH's attention :-)) and you have made up my mind! I want Nacy's Mae Mineral...all of them! I am in love with the metallic colors too!

You're the best, Leanne!
Leanne109 said…
Thanks ladies! You comments mean sooo much to me! Anytime you want to take a time out and chat with me about makeup I'm available! I'd be happy to help :D
Also if you decide to buy some of Nancy's minerals let me know :D

Heidi said…
Really beautiful colors on you. I just love mineral makeup, I have been a fan for three years now and will never go back to anything else.

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