The Naked King by Sally MacKenzie 5 STARS!!!

Lady Anne Marston has long since given up any thought of marriage.  That is the price she pays for the mistakes of her past.  But one little conversation with a handsome rogue should never have led to a sham engagement.  Even if it did end in a rather shocking broad daylight...on the front step of London's premier gossip.  Now, trapped between a secret and a lie, Anne must somehow disentangle herself from this charming, maddening man before the truth comes out--or her heart gives in...


"The King Of Hearts" is his name and he is drunk as can be when the story begins.  A dog finds him in the mud and it leads it's Master Lady Anne to find a gorgeous mess.
Stephen Parker-Roth is "The king of Hearts" and his heart has been stolen by a not so classic redhead.  Lady Anne leads him on a merry chase to win her heart.

Right from the beginning this books sucks you in.  The humor of a drunk gentleman and a lady finding him so is just too funny.  The characters were well written and the scenarios wonderful.   I had a hard time getting my housework done because I didn't want to put this book down.  The author has just the right amount of wit and seriousness in it.

I really recommend this Historical novel, it's deliciously good!


On a side note blogger is messed up and this post should be back to normal by tomorrow.


rue volley said…
You made me want to read it:D xoxo
Leanne what's up with the text honey? It's hard to read and I wanted to read it but it hurts my eyeballs lol :P *hugs*
Trish said…
Thanks for visiting . I'm not following you!

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