How about a laugh?

A couple of weeks ago my brother set up a camera in his office. 

It's setup to take successive pictures when it captures motion 

within the room.  

My brother went out of town with his wife and son.  

My Sister-In-law thought my brother was a bit obsessive over 

checking the camera's images via the net.  She hatched up a 

brilliant plan to try and teach my brother a lesson!

She called her parents and had them go into the house and 

pretend to steal stuff from my brother's office LOL  Here's what 

my brother found when he looked at what his camera captured.

By this time my brother Devon is hopping mad, he calls out to 

his wife that she has got to see the pictures and that they have to 

call the cops right away.  He had only looked at 2 pictures when 

he went nuts on everyone.  Had he continued to look he would 

have found this.

His in-laws having a great time laughing and knowing the pulled 

off the joke of the year!  Here is my brother's explaination on 


Ok, a little context for this album. I recently set up a secruity camera in the office of my house. It's setup to take successive pictures when it captures motion within the room. I'm currently in Moncton after just setting up the camera and I can view it remotely from outside the house. So anyway, I'm in Moncton, doing vacation stuff with the kids and I sit down to relax and have a drink and I casually check my dropbox to see if any pictures show up from my camera. Generally it's just pics of my cat Shadow and little changes in light. So all of a sudden, I click on a random picture in the box and I see two people in nylon and jumpsuits and I go ape shit. I starting yelling to Gisele, "Holy shit, someone is in our house stealing our shit." I was pretty much going postal. So after about 5 minutes I tell them I'm going to call the cops. I literally only looked at two pictures. Before I can dial my wife tells me to stop!! It's her parents, lol!!! Gisele called them up and told them I've been staring obsessively at my camera and wanted to play a trick on me. So they dressed up, came in the house and starting grabing random stuff. If I had paid attention, I would have seen that the stuff they were taking, (chair, CD's, a stapler), and then one of them starts doing weights, I would have realized it was a joke. Man, they got me good on this one. Enjoy the pictures lol.

The greatest joke of the year was pulled off!  Way to go and Congrats to my Sister-in-law!  I love it!  It was better then the joke my Hubby pulled on my brother just a few weeks before but that is a story for another day.
Hope you all enjoyed and don't be shy to leave my brother a comment he's still laughing it off and kicking himself hahahaha


Pam Asberry said…
Family members tormenting each other - it's part of what makes life worth living, LOL! Thank you for sharing this story!
Lauren Hunter said…
Good thing his wife was there to stop him. Wonder how he would have felt getting his in-laws arrested? lol
Shanon Grey said…
That is hilarious! Of course, if it were done to me......
Amanda said…
Omg that is hilarious
Marilyn Baron said…
This is hysterical. I love it.
Marilyn Baron
Toni said…
That was great Leanne!! Thanks for sharing. I hope it curbed a bit of his OCD.

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