My Weightloss Journey So Far

I'm sitting here trying to figure out exactly how to start this post about my weightloss journey so far.  I feel I can't really tell you what it has been like for me to do this without the back story.  So, I'm going to tell you how my weight problem all started.

In 1999, I had a beautiful baby girl called Alexandra.  I had a c-section and all went perfectly.  I breastfed until she was about 4 months old.  By the time I stopped breastfeeding I weighed about 120lbs.  
About 3 months after having my baby I began to gain weight and feel really tired.  I put it all down to being up with the baby and so on. Another few months go by and I went to visit my mother.  When I walked in and gave her a hug she looked at me like she didn't recognize me.
"Oh my god Leanne, what ha happened to you?" she asked.  I cried. I didn't know what was wrong with me, I had gained about 40 lbs. in 6 months at the most. I went to 2 different Doctors and they both said nothing was wrong with me. So I continued to gain weight and sleep as much as I could.

I finally found a Doctor over a year later who diagnosed me with Hashimoto's Thyroidism.  My own white blood cells were killing of my thyroid which caused me to have all kinds of horrible symptoms.
I was started on medication right away. Even with the medication though I was gaining weight and feeling awful.
It took close to 5 years before I was diagnose with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)  This Syndrome was caused by the increase in weight and the only way to get rid of it is to lose weight BUT!!! It causes you to gain more weight.
A horrible Vicious cycle.
After taking medication for PCOS I got pregnant with my son Cedric.  I was 247 lbs. when I got pregnant. My hormones levelled out beautifully and my body said "hey time to dump this weight while things are normal".  When I had Cedric I weighed close to 200lb.  I LOST!!!  So... Once breastfeeding was done, my hormones went haywire once again.
I pretty much lost all hope of ever being me again.  I got fatter and fatter and fatter.  Then I decided to help it along even more.
"Why should I bother watching what I eat or exercising when I'm just going to get fatter anyway." That was my motto. 

So, that's the story.  Now let's go back to a little over 6 weeks ago.  I was chatting online with my good friend Kym and she mentioned a weightloss challenge going on for Authors and Readers.  She asked me if I wanted to join up with her and we could encourage each other.  I didn't even think twice about it, I said sure. 
I received an email from ROMANCE BIGGEST WINNER and I was in the competition.
I was excited and I got ready for the competition to start. I got food I knew was low Cal/ low Fat.  Got munchies and put myself into a state of mind to lose weight.
The 1st day. I weighed myself and about cried.  I was 265lbs.  I had never been so heavy in all my life.  I made up my mind I AM GOING TO LOSE WEIGHT!
Here' how I have been doing it.
I eat 3 times a day and 2 snacks
If I want to eat something in the evening or have a treat then I better walk more the next day.
I try to get at least 30 min. of exercise a day.
I don't deny myself because I know it would be my downfall. But! I make myself work it off.
Instead of dessert now I have a Low Fat Hot chocolate.

My journey to weightloss continues and right now I have lost 22lbs. So I have gone from 265lbs. to 243lbs. in just over 6 weeks.
I promise to myself I will get healthy and I will beat PCOS and Hypothyroid.  I CAN DO THIS!
My journey to a new me has only just begun :D

Me last week :)


Ashley March said…
Thank you for this inspiring blog, Leanne, and congratulations on your amazing weight loss already! I know how hard losing weight can be with kids, but it stinks to know you have your own body working against you, too. Let's kick that PCOS' butt! =)
Rose Maybud said…
I'm so inspired, Leanne! You're doing a great job. I agree, Romance Biggest Winner is a great weight loss challenge and it's been a big help to me, too.

We started at near the same weight, and I hope we will both see much success! We can do it!

Saralee w/a Rose Maybud
Pam Asberry said…
What an inspiring post, Leanne! It sounds like you are on the right track, thinking "healthy lifestyle" instead of "diet." Best of luck, and on a bad day please remember there are a lot of us out here cheering you on!
Pamela Mason said…
Yay for you Leanne! Your attitude and positive mindset are going to see you complete this weightloss thing. Not only CAN you do it, you ARE doing it! Keep going!
You inspire me!
Devon said…
Awesome job sis :D Great blog post btw too, well written.
Modokker said…
Congrats. I think you made up your mind to stick with this and you are doing it. I'm on team 9 and i have not lost as much i wanted to by now but i'm sticking with it. Making mistakes along the way and learning from them. You are look FABULOUS!!!

Lisa B
Find me on twitter if you want. @Modokker
Melanie said…

This is just AMAZING, Woman! Keep it up :) I know how hard it is to deal with weight when you’re dealing with health issues at the same time. A few years ago (in 2003) I was experiencing numbness in my legs, arms and face. I was terrified and thought for sure I would be diagnosed with MS. It turned out that I had Guillain-Barre syndrome, which is an auto-immune disease and not many get it, but I did and the cause was the surgery that went wrong a few months earlier.

I was hospitalize for almost a month, went through treatment that was too intense to even speak of. And then I started to feel better, but I started to run very high fevers and started to get these itches and my blood pressure went so low that I had to be put back in the hospital all over again.

Then came diagnoses from an ass of a doctor that I have Cancer (to this day my DH refuses to pay his bill for wrong diagnoses), however when the Cancer specialist saw me that same day and even before she performed a spinal cord test, she told me that I do not have Cancer.

After many, many tests that could have tested a Saint, they figured out that I have Lupus, and that's when they put me on 12 medications a DAY! My worst enemy from my 'cocktail' was PREDNISONE! That was one evil drug! I ballooned from size 4 and 110 lbs to size 14-16 and 150 lbs, and until recently no matter what I did or ate, nothing would help, and like you I think I just gave up. I was out of work for a long time and I went to Rehab (my G-B S left me almost paralyzed) and it was very hard to walk, hold utensils, write or do anything, Fatigue was unreliable.

It's now 2011 and thank God my G-B never came back, but I've learned to live with Lupus (no meds for me anymore) and with friends, and great family, even co-workers, church family as well, I'm getting back, very slowly to myself:)

Head up, Lady! I know you can do it!


PS: here's what G-B S is:

here's my journey in pics on my FB:
E. Van Lowe said…
Hi Leanne,

what an awesome inspiring story. I know how hard it must be for you. But 22 pounds already, and you look great in that photo. You go girl! Keep up the good work. You have a bunch of cheerleaders now. When the going gets tough do not hesitate to call on us.
Leanne109 said…
Thank you so much everyone! Melanie thank you so much for sharing your story with me! I appreciate all your comment so much! Hugs to each of u!!!
Kat Deacon said…
Thank you so much for sharing your journey with us!! I struggle with my weight and always have as far back as I can remember. I'm being tested for Hypothyroid on Monday. I go do the labs and wait to see what they find. I'm inspired by you not give up hope that a new me is waiting to be discovered as well. Perhaps I will set a goal for myself and maybe by the end of the year see a little of what I know is hiding under all this weight... Thanks Leanne!
rue volley said…
Thank you for sharing this Leanne. I think you are a beutiful spirit and I know that sometimes bodies work against you. My sister has suffered with weight gain all of her life and I yo yo depending on the state of mind I am in and now that I am in my 40's, losing weight is so freakin hard it frustrates me, but I know that with alot of effort and watching what I eat I can get on track. You have inspired me to say...Damn it Rue! Go to the gym put the cookie down!" I really do appreciate you sharing your journey with us and I wish you nothing but good things:) xoxo -Rue
Leanne, Thank you so much for sharing with us. Really beautifully written. The weird thing is... I've been having the same issues.. in the last 1-2 years I've been gaining weight and I'm EXHAUSTED all the time! I literally didn't change anything I was eating but yet I gained like 40 pounds and like you I've never been heavier in my life.. I HATE it. I actually weigh more now than I did when I was pregnant but when I'm TIRED all the time its hard to find the energy to actually work out you know? I've never heard of the PCOS one... but I did get tested for "thyroid" and supposedly my thyroid is normal even though my mom has one of the thyroid ones.. like hyper something.. I can't remember lol.. but I'm pretty sure that crap is genetic but yet they claim my blood work was fine. I'm extremely frustrated though and I know "something" is wrong with me.. I just don't know what.. I want meds that are designed for whatever is wrong with me so I can get my energy back.

Also there is this one workout lady who is AMAZING and you see results after 2 days of working out.. NO kidding... its really amazing but I've been too tired to do it lol XD my mom who's already skinny went on it and lost TONS of inches and its actually EASY compared to most of those crazy/psycho workouts.. her name is Tracey Anderson and her MAT video is killer :) everytime I've done the video two days in a row I literally see definition in my arms.. like my fat arms lol XD so I know if I could get the energy to do it everyday for 45 minutes.. well it would be amazing.
Shanon Grey said…
Thank you for sharing your incredible story with us. I have gained much since Katrina. I have blamed it on loving food, stress, and everything else. I do have hypothyroidism but have been stable for years. But I am also older. You have inspired me. I will get the bloodwork done and get myself on a diet. Thank you. Hugs.
Talina Perkins said…
You are an amazing woman and I am honored to know you and call you my friend, Leanne. Thank you for sharing your journey. You have sparked inspiration in me in not only taking back control over my health, but also taking back control over other aspects of my life as well. For that I thank you!

I have not always had trouble with my weight. I started out at 120lbs and stayed that way even after giving birth to my fourth child. I always lost the weight. But shortly after my fourth child was born we went through some very hard times which piled up on me quiet literally. In the last eight years I have yo-yo-ed from my 120lbs to 160lbs and it is frustrating to say the least. While things are better on the home front, for the last three years I have been trying to get my body back under control and return to the natural weight I am suppose to have. I had no idea stress would make my body react in such a manner; it was a very costly lesson indeed.

After reading your story and feeling the determination through your words to take back control, I now feel the same determination and know I need to take action while I still have the energy and will power to do it. I am determined!

And I want you to know I am so proud of you and hearing that you have lost 22lbs is amazing! I am here to cheer you on, Leanne!!! GO LEANNE!!! You Can Do It!!! :-)
Chrystal said…
OMG! Conratulations on your weight loss already. Your story is inspiring. I haven't put enough effort into this challenge and well after reading your post I've decided there is no reason other than sheer laziness for why I haven't tried harder.

Thank you so much for your inspiring post! And I wish you the best of luck and a happy and healthy future!
Leanne109 said…
Thank you all so so much!!!

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