Pin-Up Makeup Tutorial!

Pin-up Makeup Tutorial

The key role of the Pin up during World War II- to keep soldiers’ ‘morale’ up and distract them from the risk of death.
 Over a hundred years, pin up history and pin ups themselves have been an inspiration to contemporary art and fashion.

So my topic today is Pin-up Makeup and how to achieve this look because once again it is very in style.
To start this look you want your skin tone to be very even and clear.  The bet way to achieve this is to:

  1. Apply concealer under your eyes and to all your blemishes and red spots. This includes around the base of your nose.
  2. Apply foundation and help blend your concealer to the foundation.
  3. Contour your face.  Use a colour that is 2 shades darker then your natural tone and shade in the hollows of your cheek. You can find them by sucking in your cheeks and making a fishy  When shading be sure to blend very well, your not suppose to see any lines, it should blend into you foundation but at the same time create a shadow effect for a thinner looking face.
  4. Be sure that your neck and chest are the same colour as your face.  If need be blend your foundation there as well.
The next step would be to define your eyebrows:

  1. Be sure to pluck any stray hairs and brush your brows.
  2. Apply one shade darker then the colour of your natural brow or match it to the colour of your hair.  With little strokes using a pencil or eyeshadow fill it your brows.  Be sure to go the same direction as the brow hairs.
Now that your basics are done you can work on your eyes.

  1. Apply Lid Primer to your eyelids up to your brow.
  2. Using a brush and a light brown eyeshadow sweep the colour across the crease and a tiny bit above it. Don't worry it it looks harsh. You will blend it with the other shadows.
  3. Apply on your eyelid a light cream/white colour and blend well with the bottom part of your crease.
  4. Apply under your brow and above the crease the same colour that you used for you eyelid.  Blend it well with the top part of your crease.
This should have made your crease look more natural and not as harsh.

  1. Eyeliner!  This is the most important part of the look.  Starting in the middle with a brown eyeliner make a line from the middle to your outer corner, then from the middle to the inner corner or as far as you feel you can bring it.
  2. Apply Black liquid eyeliner in the same fashion following the outline you have already made.
  3. Apply a black eyeshadow on top of the liquid liner. This will keep all the colour from bleeding or fading.
  4. Black pencil eyeliner- apply it to your top waterline. Try not to blink because it will transfer to your bottom waterline
  5. White pencil eyeliner- apply to your lower waterline.


  1. Curl your eyelashes!  This is very important, especially if you want to wear fake lashes.  Curling will help your lashes mix with the fake better.
  2. Apply 2 coats of mascara on the top of your lashes and 3 coats from underneath
  3. Apply a little bit of mascara on your lower lashes if none has transfer from step 2.
  4. Put your fake lashes on if your want to.


  1. Apply a bit of pink or peach coloured blush on the apples of your cheeks making sure to blend it up towards your hairline.


  1. Trace your lips with a deep Red pencil liner.
  2. Fill in your lips with the liner
  3. Apply your Deep Red lipstick on top of the liner either with a brush or your lipstick
  4. Add a touch of shine with lipgloss
Voila your Pin-up makeup is done!!!


Anonymous said…
Lovely! I look forward to trying out the contour your face bit. I would love to have less chubby cheek and more cheek bone. :) Saffron Sands
Elaine Cantrell said…
I saw your post in the Creative Minds FB group and thought I'd check out your new site. It's very nice, and I love the makeup tutorial. You look fabulous.
Lisa Kessler said…
You look awesome Leanne!!! :)


Lisa :)

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