Please Welcome Author Pamela V. Mason!!!

Hi Leanne and Everybody!

Thank you for the opportunity to write about my passions for interior decorating and writing romance here on Books Read 'N' Makeup Done. I can't wait to post yours about makeup on my WriterMason blog! 

Let me introduce myself: I’m Pamela V. Mason – not to be confused with the late James Mason’s actress/director wife Pamela Mason, hence the ‘V’. I am a native of New Orleans,LA – the part that Katrina tried to take out oh, six years ago this Tuesday. My own childhood home of screen doors and chandeliers still stands, but many old neighbors’ homes are slabs now.

My father designed and built our home there. Upstairs the cedar closet held my father’s satin King of Pegasus costume with his crown, and we had a crystal chandelier that sparkled with rainbows. The guest room closet held a secret passageway to the attic where George, our ghost, resided.
Mardi Gras parades went past our cypress double front doors. When Hurricane Betsy blew through, our neighbors came upstairs to wait on their husbands to return with their boats, which floated through those doors and docked at the stairs to take their families to safety.  
Can you see why I’m a former interior designer… now turned writer?

Creating my own romantic worlds, framing them with plots that turn like a twisty staircase, and populating them with smart people who make stupid choices for all the right reasons... and a sexy love scene in a luxurious bedroom just adds to the fun!
I created DesignWrite to further indulge my love for interiors and integrate that passion with my passion for romance. Sometimes I write posts that show how our characters’ settings -  a rural outpost, a metropolitan city, a homey bakery on a small town’s main street – dictate and inform our heroes’ and heroines’ choices.

Other times I post about repurposing the space you already have to create workspace for your passions- crafting, writing, or makeup! Use that sunny beautiful dining room that only sees action a few times a year, or fashion for yourself a proper worktable with sawhorses and cube storage. A vision board from a thrifted empty frame and chicken wire or cork can keep you organized and inspired! And yes, you CAN coordinate that ugly secretarial chair with the rest of your home’s d├ęcor – visit my blog and find out!

What are your passions? How do they define you? Our passions define us – they set us apart and make us unique. Say hello in the comments and tell us yours! 
Pamela V. Mason
Paranormal Romance - Enter my world...


Elaine Cantrell said…
I enjoyed your post very much. I also checked out your blog. I love interior design even though I'm not super good at it. And of course to combine it with writing is a definite plus for me.
Shanon Grey said…
Hey fellow Katrina survivor. Loved your blog. Absolutely adore the dragon railing. With NOLA as your base, I can see where the passion comes from. Settings mean so much in a novel, I know yours are fabulous. Thanks for sharing.
Pamela Mason said…
Hi Elaine!
Thanks for visiting! And I'm glad to hear you like the combination of interiors with writing romance. It's what I know, so it works for me!
Pamela Mason said…
Hi Shanon!
I actually survived Katrina up in GA, but my family truly suffered.
That post is on today's blog at writermason - today, the 6yr anniversary of Katrina.
How can you NOT have passion when you're from the N'Awlins?
Thanks for stopping by!
Judy said…
I think my passion right now is my boys...doing stuff with them and just enjoying them.

Thanks for stopping by and following my blog. I am following you back now and hope you have a fabulous week :)
Pamela Mason said…
Hi Judy!
I have two boys as well - they're a lot of fun! Enjoy them when they're little because they don't stay little for long!
And thank you for stopping by & commenting & following!
Bama said…
hope I am not too late:) lol

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