Alexa Blog Hop 8/4 to 8/10

Did you ever wonder how popular a website is? Have you landed on a site and wondered if it was reputable? Alexa can tell you! You can use Alexa to learn how popular a site is, to find new sites, to learn who owns a site, and a lot more. a
Alexa takes all the websites in the world, and ranks them – putting them in order by popularity.
Why do I care? Well, as a blogger, you care how popular your site is for many reasons. First and foremost is probably to feel the love *blush*. You want to know that people are actually reading what you write. If you’re a product review and giveaway blog, like Kelly’s Lucky You, you care because the more popular you are, the bigger prizes you can ask for and hopefully obtain for your readers. When I ask Dyson to provide us with a cool new Dyson Vacuum, they look at things like my Alexa rating to determine if they can use their precious marketing dollars to give one away! Or Keurig, or Britax… stop me anytime – I’m dreaming! Hey, it’s my job to dream *wink*. So bloggers care about Alexa rankings, companies care, consumers care, and as KLY readers you care – dreaming of those great prizes!
Alexa rankings are like golf scores – the lower the better. The most popular site is ranked #1. (It’s Google). Do you know who’s number 2? Go to Alexa to see! While you’re there, download the Alexa toolbar. Click on “Toolbar” or here, it’s easy and fast. There are a few reasons for that – one it’s fun to see the rankings! Once you have the tool bar, the Alexa rating will show up there every time you go to a site – any site. The other reason is that you can help improve or drop the ranking of a site if you have the toolbar installed when you visit it. You’ll help me get that Dyson/Keurig/Britax to give away!
I’m a co-host with Spearmint BabyScraps of Life and Our Family World for this Alexa Blog Hop – we’re linking up our sites here to tell each other that we’re working on improving our Alexa rating.

Here are the blog hop rules:
1. If you don’t already have it, download the Alexa toolbar.
2. Add your blog name & URL to the linky list below.
3. Follow any blogs on GFC that interest you (be sure to leave a friendly comment on their blog letting them know that you are a new follower so they can follow back!) if you are already a follower of their blog, just leave a comment asking them to visit you for the Alexa hop!
4. If you haven’t done an Alexa review on the blog yet, write one! Look for an Alexa Review button, like the one near the top of my middle sidebar.

Alexa Review Button
Or look for rating stars in your Alexa toolbar. Click on the stars, 
then you will see a gold button for “Write a Review”.
5. Grab the Spearmint Baby Blog Hop banner & post on your blog to get new people involved. The more new people the better :)
Please note that we keep this blog hop open all week so you have plenty of time to visit all of the blogs on the list!


Reviewed you back :)

Oh, almost forgot, Leanne - the link in the hop didn't work for me for some reason, but the link in the comment did. Why don't you add another link and I'll email Spearmint Baby and ask her to delete the first one?

Have a great day!
Leanne109 said…
Thanks! and thanks also for the heads up!
Returning the favor! Thanks a lot!
Angela said…
Thanks for the follow! I followed back!

nicole said…
thanks for checking out my blog!
Julia said…
Thanks for stopping by from the Alexa hop! I'm returning the visit and returned the follow as well!
Natalie said…
Thanks for stopping by! I'm returning the blog hop love!
Shelley T. said…
Returning the follow. I will check out your blog and work on a review!

Thanks for mine
Hey following you back and wrote my frist review on alexa for your blog :)
Leanne109 said…
Thank you all so much!!! It's very much appreciated!!!

reviewed you back and thanks for the review and following.
Theresa said…
Thanks for hopping by. Happy to return the favor. If you are into book reviews you should check out

She has lots of book reviews and review opportunities. You would fit right in. See you around.
Leanne109 said…
Hey Theresa,

I'm actually already a member and I'm booked to be doing some book giveaways and author guest post with her as well :D Thanks for the suggestion though!
Thanks for hopping by and for your very kind comments!
I'm happily returning the follow! Heading over to Alexa to rate your blog too!
Have a wonderful weekend! So nice meeting you!
Coffee Matters said…
returning the love from coffee matters <3
Susan said…
Thanks for the follow! I followed back!
Thank you so much for reviewing my site - you really made my day!

I'm currently hosting a special giveaway for my wonderful followers, so be sure to check it out on your next visit!

Have a fabulous week!

SusieQTpies said…
Hiya! Thanks for stopping in at my blog during the Alexa Thur. Blog Hop. I appreciate you linking up. How is the Alexa Bar doing for you? Stop on back as I have hops every Wed,too. I'm already a follower.
Have a super day! xoxo SusieQTpies
Hi, hi, hi!

New follower on GFC and NB here. Thanks for co-hosting and will be returning so continue on your best behavior. :)


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