5 Stars for Katherine Irons Oceanborne (Available Sept.27, 2011)


Underwater archaeologist Elena Carter has always loved the sea. But when she pulls a handsome stranger from the water in the midst of a storm, she realizes there is much she still has to learn. Taking shelter from the tempest, they experience pleasure different from any she has felt before. Then the stranger, her intoxicating Prince Orion, disappears, leaving only an ancient artefact. Reluctantly returning to her land bound life, Elena finds more pieces to a puzzle that baffles her even as it hints at greater discoveries yet to be made. Who - or what - is Orion? And once she has known the touch of the sea, can Elena return to the world she left behind?


Elena is tenacious in her want to discover and protect the history that is found in the sea.  Determined to check on her latest discovery she ventures out in a storm on raft.  While out there a man is drowning and she saves him.  Prince Orion wasn't drowning he is as much part of the sea and the salt.  He was fighting a losing battle against dark creatures.
Together they embark on many adventures and Elena is going to discover a whole new world, the question is does she really want to be a part of it or is it all a dream.

This book is amazing!  It's different and extremely imaginative.  Your carried away to a new world with so much to discover.  The characters are believable and the descriptions took my breath away.
I had a lot of fun reading this book I was taken to a great new world right away, it kept me distracted from everything.  
I recommend you read this book if your looking for something new and out of this world!


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