I'd like to introduce the wonderful Author Debra Webb!
I've had the pleasure of reading this great book and here is your chance!

Have you read a book that you wish would be made into a movie? It happens and sometimes it’s great fun to see the story play out on the screen (as long as they get the characters and the story right!). My summer release, DIRTY, is one I would love to see as a movie for reasons beyond the expected (money, career affirmation). I waited years for the opportunity to see DIRTY published. No matter how much time passed, I remained certain that the story and the protagonist were worthy of publication. 

When I first wrote DIRTY I had buzzed past the 45 mark and I was annoyed that women just weren’t viewed the same way as men of the same age. Was that mid-forty mark the true indication of being WAY over the hill? Old? Done? I refused to believe that then and, seven years later, I refuse to believe it now. So I forged onward with self-publishing DIRTY, the debut novel of the Jackie Mercer series. I won’t bore you with all the reasons why I think you’d like the story and Jackie and Dawson (who is scorching hot!). I decided instead to give every wonderful person who leaves a comment a digital copy of DIRTY and you can judge for yourself. 
Side note: I do hope you love it!!!!!!

Back to the movies, tell me what book you would love to see made into a movie. Anyone you’d like to see play the main characters. For DIRTY, I would love to see Teri Hatcher play Jackie. I think she could play the determined Texas woman and mother who won’t let anything get in her way. 
Yet, beneath that sexy, sassy exterior would be that I-can-get-into-some-of-the-craziest-fixes vulnerability. And, fyi, Jackie is a brunette, you’ll get the scoop on why she’s blonde on the cover when you read the story! I don’t know the identity of the guy in the pic, but he could definitely play Dawson! Yummy! 

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Amanda said…
Yay Debra I am so excited to get to read Dirty great intro!
Angela said…
Hi Debra, I would love to read your book. I received my kindle this morning and can't wait to get reading on it.
Kym said…
Winter Garden by Kristin Hannah..or lake Road by Barbara Delinsky. Sorry I wont try to name actors, Im soo bad at that !!

Im so excited to see "The Help" and "Sarahs Key" as movies...and I hope they do a good job. Sometimes the movies dont depict the books enough for me.
Lindsay said…
I'll let you pick who plays what part. YOu probably already know who you want, who can have and who you can get.
Tich said…
Well there are two books that I'd love to see on the screen...Pandora's Box by Gracen Miller and Spartan Heart by Kristine Cheney.

Samantha Jean said…
Two series come to mind. 1st is the Georgina Kincaid series just because I love the whole Succubus idea and that hell's managers have paperwork. That isn't the part I want to see on screen though ;). It would probably have to be a cable channel mini or else all the fun stuff would be missing.

The other series is the fantastical fantasy of The Wheel Of Time by Robert Jordan. But if Hollywood made that into a movie, it would probably be ruined and it would take 20 movies and 35 years to get the whole story.

As far as actors go for either 'movie', I really haven't a clue.

Thanks for the freebie and I look forward to reading your story!

mr.boardgame AT yahoo DOT com
Julee J. Adams said…
Yea! Thanks for an older heroine who no doubt knows what she's doing and for the slurpily wonderful picture! Hims is pretty.

And I would love love love to read your novel. Promise to post reviews when I get to it later in the year.

I'd like to see Julia Quinn's WHEN HE WAS WICKED as a movie with Rachel Weisz and Hugh Jackman. What do you say ladies?

SiNn said…
I lovee your owkr Debra!! and honestly id love to see after the night by linda howard on the big screen its my all time fav book so only natural id want it as movie too there are alot of books id love to see as movies

Eliwrites said…
Actually, many of the books I have loved do end up on screen. I would have to say that a trilogy I read as a teenager would be my first choice, though. The first novel is The President's Daughter, then White House Autumn, and Long Live the Queen. Ellen Emerson White added a fourth novel, Long May She Reign, in 2007 and re-released the first three. I would love to see them in film, but it would be *really hard* to do. Pretty disturbing storyline in book 3.
Kat Deacon said…
Holy moly...it was worth coming to the blog today just for that hot guy pic alone!!! Can't wait to read the book Debra!
LizzieBeth said…
Wow. If that's what Dawson looks like in your head, I must say that it was worth swinging by here for that pic alone. HOT, HOT, HOT!

The premise of your book sounds interesting. It's piqued my interest immensely. I wish you the best of success with the book, and all future ones, as well, Debra.

Lauren Hunter said…
Hi Debra, loved the blog about your book! As to which books I'd love to see made into movies . . . I'd love it if my books were made into movies. lol I was just thinking the other day how I'd like to see my Paranormal Romance as a movie.:) Hadn't thought of who I would like to play the parts but as a writer you have a clear image in your head what the characters look like to you, and then it comes down to finding an actor that looks close to that.

Every time I put my FB link in these things it never works when you click on it. So I'll put my email in here. lhunter-1@hotmail.com
LorettaLynn said…
I would love to read your book,It looks great:)Thanks for sharing with us!!
I am looking forward to reading a book with an "older" heroine. Romance is for all ages.

Well, I would love to see the Night Huntress novels made into a movie. I can't think of any actors to play Bones and Cat; but, I have complete confidence Ms. Frost would choose very well.

Happy Writing,
Elaine Cantrell said…
Good for you for writing this! I heard one woman talk about how she was invisible because of her age. I'd love to see any of my books made into a movie, especially A New Dream. It would be perfect.
Athena said…
Lol... I was reading the blog and my 3 yr. Son comes up behind me and says " look mom a woman with a gun! Awesome!" Oh lord, the day he gets a girlfriend, is the I start having a heartattack! Can't wait to read it! Got to say love to see nighthuntress series into movies! The character build up of cat and bones is amazing, the plots are always top notch and keep you hooked! It makes you laugh, cry, there is love and loss, how to find your place in the world and accepting who you are....and of course some good quality violence!
Shanon Grey said…
Books I would love to see in movies: Sweet Tea and Secrets by Nancy Naigle. I love small towns and think Adams Grove would be fun. Next would me mine, The Shoppe of Spells-also in a small town (one I created, of course).

Since I passed that "mark" with flying colors, I love stories about mature women. Congratulations! It looks like great. Loved the post.
Athena said…
Oh...lol...my email is. Yabooksunified@gmail.com
Debra Webb said…
You guys are awesome! I'm thrilled to be here!
~Ressa~ said…
Tried this from my BlackBerry last night and it didn't work. Let's see if it works from my Mac:

I admire you're outlook and feel the same in my 'years' now. Having raised 3 kids, I had no idea what I'd do and was pretty shocked at myself when I wrote a whole novel! :D

Dirty sounds interesting and I'd love to read it!

As far as books-turned-movie: I saw someone else post this, and agree that I'd LUV to see Kristine Cheney's Spartan Heart as a movie. So far, both books were absolutely riveting and I'd most likely drool all over whoever would be cast to play gorgeous Dorieus Agiad's role!

Have a great day!
Samantha said…
Hi! Samantha here. I would love to see "Saving CeeCee Hunnicutt" made into a movie. The characters are so rich and well-developed and a scream. Great marketing ply, by the way. I might steal it!
Debra Webb said…
Peggy Webb's Southern Cousins mysteries series would be a hoot as a movie! There's a dog who thinks he's Elvis reincarnated!
Debra Webb said…
If you would all email me at debraewebb@aol.com, I'll provide the coupon code for your digital copy of DIRTY in whatever format you need at Smashword!
Nathiel said…
Wow your book sounds great ;) What book would I like to be made into a film?? Well Keri Arthur's Riley Jenson's books are great, but as to who will play the characters trufully I have no idea.
I also read other people like Kristine Cheney's Spartan Heart I've only read the first part but it's defenatly be a film I would want to see.
Trace said…
Your book sounds very good. My email address is tazziebookreviews@gmal.com
Anonymous said…
I would love to read this book. Sounds very exciting!!!!

my email is cincan888@hotmail.com
Candy said…
This is one book I would love to see put into a movie. It sounds awesome.
My email is cincan888@hotmail.com

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