MY BOOK OF THE YEAR! 5Stars!!! The End The Book by J.L. Robb

THE END THE BOOK (part one)

SUMMARY: (taken from the author's site)

Not a cloud in the blue Atlanta sky, Jeffrey Ross made his morning visit to the Dunwoody Starbucks, expecting this day to be like any other. It wouldn't.  Samarra Russell left her meeting at Emory Medical Center after receiving the strange call and wondered if it had anything to do with her immunology research at CDC. It was a secret, or was supposed to be. Going home as instructed, Samarra opened the box of Valentine candy on the kitchen counter and collapsed. Before losing her balance, Samarra recognized the small finger, severed and still wearing the tiny ring she gave him for his 7th birthday. Her precious son.  She opened the note after regaining limited senses and read. If she didn't want to receive young Thomas Russell's head in a box, shewould do as instructed. And she did.


The explosion, loud and deafening, was preceded by an intense fl ash 
of bright, white light. As deafening as it was, the blast only broke the 
front windows of Starbucks. h e tempered safety-glass shattered into what 
looked like a horizontal rain of crystalline stardust, blowing across Latté 
Lady and into the back wall, past the latté machine.


Is the world truly coming to an end?  In this fictional book that is the question.  In subsequent events the world is coming apart and it was foretold by many in legends and books.  Author J.L. Robb writes a riveting story about how the events may occur and how it was foretold.  Not only does this story have lots of action and mayhem; it has a love story.


Takes place all over the world.


The writing in this book is excellent.  The words and descriptions are easy to follow.  Everything that is written in this book added to the story and made it even more interesting.  I saw no grammaticality errors at all.  I have to say it's one of the cleanest books I have read in a very long time.  


In order for this story to be told there had to be a lot of characters.  Though there are so many, their descriptions and bios help you follow them throughout very easily.  I am the first to admit that most of the time I have a hard time following along with a story that has a lot of characters. I often mix them up, but with this book I didn't even have that problem once.


I've read a lot of books and will admit to most of them being written by female authors only.  I was very skeptical of this book because not only is it written by a man; parts of the book talk religions. Author J.L. Robb has changed my opinion completely towards books by men.  I shall endeavour to buy and read more books by men thanks to him and this most excellent read.
 I do have a faith but it's not something I often speak of because it bothers a lot of people.  I was resilient to the fact that this book held information about religion and I thought that maybe the author would be using his book to preach but he DID NOT.  This book was tastefully written with lots of information and a wonderful story as well.  
I liked it so much that I am sharing the book with my brother.  
This book was action packed, full of suspense and intrigue right from the beginning.  It's an unbelievable read! 
So far this year I have been asked often which book has been my favourite and so far I haven't been able to answer that because I enjoyed them all but I knew within a week the memory of it would be replaced with a new book. 
With this book that won't happen, I will remember this book for years to come and because of that I can tell you honestly that this book is my favourite of the year.  
It will take an amazing book to replace this one this year and I just don't think that will happen. 

I will never forget this book!
I recommend this book to anyone!  I couldn't get through it fast enough and I cannot wait for the next book!  Cheers to the author who wrote it and thank you for telling such a riveting story!



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